On Being Normal in a Great, Great World (feelings of inadequacy)

in philosophy •  3 years ago 

The mind is deep and strange; it has emptiness, but it is not empty. It has silence, but it is not silent. It is teeming with little memories, jarring, and sweet, damaging and loud. The mind does not allow you to go gentle into still sleep. It is like a concert, and you are on stage, and every little thought is shining its light at you to get your attention.

The mind is strange and curious, with carnivals, and old lovers and smoky cigars and uncles who ask too much. The mind brings up old embarrassments, and smells and then reminds you of the present one too many times.

The mind is brainwashed, when properly cleaned. But at night, and in those calm inbetween times, it fills you with regrets, and hurts and little reminders you will never change.

And then work begins, and school starts and the water balloon fight happens and the mind slinks away to the small corner of your incredible powerful and creative brain. And that is where success begins.
On being normal:

Alternatively, we all wish to be normal and to be special. To be normal is a wish when we are feeling blue – that is, when we feel like failures. And then we wish to be special, because we are told we should be and yet, we can only ever be normal.

Normal is a human condition (there are 6 billion others), and it is quite common. You can still compose music, go kayaking, read medical journals and collect stamps. You can do all those things well and be quite normal.

And there are times in which you will never be normal, and that is when you build up relationships with others. For there is only one you, and therefore, each relationship with the ‘only you’ is totally unique, and what is unique may become magical. Treasure those relationships like miracles, for each is a gift that you can hold onto in your heart of hearts.

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