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Some religious beliefs advocate that their adherents kill gay people, keep slaves, marry underaged girls, stone women perceived as adulterous, subdue women, and kill infidels (non-conformists). Should we fold our hands, keep quiet, and respect such beliefs?

Which religions do that?


I am trying not to mention names so it does not seem like a direct attack. But you can google, you'll see some of the horrible things some 'holy books' advocate.

Let me help out there:

-While some sects of Christianity advocates gay rights, other sects advocate death, imprisonment or special spiritual help for gay people. But the Christian Holy Bible permits death for people that engage in same sex relationships and bestiality.
-Both Christians and Muslims keep slaves, but Christians like to believe that they take "house helps", not slaves.
-Islam definitely advocates child marriage, stoning of women perceived to be adulterous, rebellious and disobedient. The Muslim Holy Quran also advocates subjugation of women and summary execution of infidels through Jihad.

Note: I only gave instances with Christianity and Islam because I am more familiar with them. Judaism is like a hybrid which has the characteristics of both Christianity and Islam. It is also true that both religious systems borrow from Judaism.

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