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The quest for knowledge strictly on the side of materialism and the urge to make culture, technology and globalization a social pursuit by being applied cooperatively to philosophy. Our contemporary society is technically based on culture, technology and globalization and its appear to still attempt to withhold the traditional view of some modernized version of them.
Every age has got its age-mark; the outstanding feature characteristic that defined that age, the 21st century, like the one before it, is defined by globalization. Historical philosophers or dialecticians those who perceived an underlying logic in history, believe that no phase of life comes to a close until it has exhausted all its possibilities. Thee is therefore the need to appraise globalization to raise philosophical questions about it such questions as related to the phenomenology of globalization; the philosophical foundations of globalization, the symbiotic and synergistic relationship between culture and technology as the force driving globalization and the cost benefit analysis of globalization.


Globalization stimulate economic growth at the cost of being essentially profiteering. Truly globalization is the definitional age mark of our age the 21st century. Every society and age has culture and some technology, this is certainly so since culture and technology are said to have ontological origins. This is to say that as far as man existed culture and technology also existed no matter the rudimentary. From inception, culture and technology developed an ever increasing power of change. This power of socio- history change become more phenomenal and unparalleled from the 20th century. Indeed culture and technology from then became the most important determinants of socio- historical change through the area of languages, beliefs,worldview, production of clothes, telephone etc. A critical dimension of the globalization matrix,is the denationalization of values,ideas forms,folks motifs,life styles etc. Globalization of culture is the immediate consequence of the rise in mass tourism, increased migration, commercialization of cultural products, and the spread of ideas of consumerism. These play together to bring about the meeting any merging of different local cultures. Globalization of culture implies that there is in the making a world culture or a universal cultural pool to which local cultures are contributing. Since philosophy is the application of wisdom to our daily life , then the philosophical tools known as logic and criticism into the area of culture, technology and globalization which helps the society to reason well. We cannot tell on what they are without basically understanding what philosophy is. Adopting the approach of phenomenology we have expose the "logos" of culture, technology and globalization; the essential and hidden meaning behind the outward manifestation. All humanity has a common destiny inextricably tied to the living systems of the earth; that the whole world and all that is therein belong to mankind in common. The question can now be raised, what is the purpose of this paper work? There are two ways to understand the purpose of this work. There is the philosophical level purpose and the lower level purpose. The philosopical level of purpose here is based on knowledge, knowledge for knowledge sake. The purpose her is to contemplate and be one with the one, the good and the truth.
The lower level purpose ( the practical purposes) here the knowledge or understanding of the philosophical level helps one to effectively and efficiently operates in the very competitive, knowledge based process of culture, technology and globalization. This is the only way one can hope to lead a fulfilled life in the society today.

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