Harden the f^*k up, your cup is half full!

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How’s your cup today? Full, empty, half full or maybe half empty? It’s an interesting concept; The cup half full concept I mean, and even more interesting to me when I come across people who subscribe to one thought process over the other.

You know the type right? There’s people who will continually see the negative aspect of a situation rather than seeing an opportunity; Sure, being blindly positive isn’t that productive either I think, however failing to see opportunity is a very limiting choice. I often wonder if people have the cup half empty ethos due to upbringing, circumstance or maybe influence from others and also why a person would embrace it rather than the half-full ethos; Habit maybe? Victim mentality?

I know many people who have suffered, and are suffering, through adversity and I marvel at their choice to see opportunity or to see negativity. There’s a couple I met on steemit a little while ago who are working through a terminal illness in one of them and they seem like they have it all worked out. Sure, at some stage the inevitable will happen, that happens to us all, but they see their cup as half full and are crushing life! Crushing it in a good way I mean.

They’re like, fuck off cancer, we have a life to lead and I dig that because their cup is half full. They moved to Mexico and live the shit out of life rather than seeing the cup half empty and living life by default. If you’re reading this, you know who you are. Respect!

Anyway, got bullied at school because you wore glasses? Harden up, your cup is half full. Don’t like the way your hair looks today? Cowboy up, your cup is half full. Didn’t get that promotion at work? Harden the fuck up, your cup is half full.

You see, no matter what, you can choose to see your cup as half full. It’s literally that simple. As for me, well today I could not be better even if I tried! I mean that. What a great mentality to take into my day. Oh, by the way...The image is of my morning coffee, obviously full. Now it’s empty because I drank it. MY cup, the cup of me, is full though! Now begone, move along and fill your cup! Have a great day ya’ll.

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I was just thinking about this the other day! Positive thinking goes a long way in my book and there’s always a different perspective to see things :)

Hey you! Different perspectives are great. How boring would life be without multi-facetness? I just made up a word! :)

I had this 'argument' once with a friend, who persisted in negating the group's consciousness. Basically I put it to him that, when the cup is half empty it offers one the opportunity to gather more, and when the cup is full or half full it gives one the opportunity to give more. We have to give love, to be in the way of gathering more love, since we cannot take it, steal it or in any way get it without first gathering it to ourselves and giving it away to others. The more love we give to life, the more will be gathered to us. An old Buddhist monk showed me that service to others is giving love. Sweeping the floor, is so no-one trips; Washing the dishes so whomever is next in that kitchen has clean utensils; this is worship of whichever god, and giving to life, thereby allowing Life to give to one. I read that you someone is ill. If I dwell on that, I am sad. But I can wish them well, and bless them in the Name of the Holy Spirit. My understanding of illness is very sketchy, as I have no history of sickness personally, but I do know medical profession from breakages, piercings, asphyxiation, poisonings and burns and drownings, and through it all I have listened to the educated explain their views of my condition, and then looking at the biology, fixed that necessary and worked at the restitution with rest, water, nutrition and mind practices that include no room for doubts and negation. One does need doubt so as to exercise caution, but then one puts it aside having taken note, and one needs to have a vision of the end result of healing before setting out in that direction. May the blessings be.

Thank you my friend, great post. Man that couple seems awesome lol. But honestly its true. I thank you from my heart

You’re welcome my man. Hope you’re feeling good. :)

Well this is by far the best post I have ever read :)

...love your Mexican-living-the-shit-out-of-life-couple <3

And yes, it's a choice. We could choose to wallow in self-pity and when the day comes that I'm alone, I can look back at some pretty horrific memories. Or we can choose to live...really live with our eyes wide open, as my new friend @drkent would say, and then when the time comes where I am alone, I'll have some pretty fantastic memories to hopefully ease my pain.

Respect right back atcha @galenkp; I've got a feeling you and your girl are livin' the shit out of life as well :)

Yes, you are a great couple.

Thanks, my and my wife live each day as best we can and in a manner in which we have no regrets. Seemed to work so far. I’ve had a few times when I’ve had to cowboy up due to allowing the cup half empty mentality creep in but that’s just part of being human.

Hope you have a great day in Mexico today...Damn it, now I feel like a burrito! :)

live with our eyes wide open, as my new friend @drkent would say.

Good phrase.

Thanks again! It is a good saying, isn't it?? Eyes open. Period. Except while you're sleeping. And I could Fed-ex you a couple burritos, but it might just become a pretty nasty mess :)

Beautifully written with everything just on spot!
And as I read somewhere in some wine review or something.... those who discuss whether the glass is half empty or half full miss the point, the glass is refillable! :) Well life isn't but circumstances and opportunities in life arises and disappear in a blink, and if you wait for something to happen you will probably die waiting.
How did I get here?! :D


Hey mate, any wisdom gained from wine must be spot on! :)

Thanks for your comments. Hope you have a cup half full day brah.

Totally agree with you on this @galenkp. We all have to look at the world differently if we want to find joy in it because it will not be good to us all the time.
Looking at life from the viewpoint of a half full cup sure beats it being a half empty cup. It means that I am getting somewhere, that I have something already to offer, that I am not satisfied with my achievements but I am thankful for what I have and that I do not let what I do not have deny me the pleasures of enjoying my life.

Yes my cup is half full. 😂 thank you.

Glad your cup is half full brah...It’s the best way to be. I like that you’re thankful also. Nicely done.

I think it's funny that we post on similar things fairly often. I just wrote a post yesterday talking about how when you're moving on from things, that life won't just be business as usual... things have to change, you have to leave something behind. Otherwise, you'll just be in the same situation somewhere else. I think people who tend to see the cup as half-empty tend to hold on to hurts from the past. Those who are more "half full" are able to let go of the harmful things and move on with their lives in a productive way. They don't let past failures or hurts keep them from succeeding today.

Good article. I liked it. I also liked your example. Not that they're having to go through it... but that they're crushing it! I agree.

I agree, people with similar mindset or ethos will generally always write, or think about, similar things at the same time because those things are always at the front of their minds. Just as negative people will gather together and feed off each other’s negativity, so will positive people.

Couples like Lynn and Brian are an inspiration to others. What they’re going through sucks, but how they’re going through it is remarkable.

Thumbs Up!
We have a poster on the wall where I work that says,
"The Glass is Refillable"

Good poster. I wonder, do you work at the Johnny Walker factory? That’d be awkward.

The Johnny Walker poster would have to read:
"Employee Discounts, The Glass is Refillable, After You Get Home"...-:)

"Action Materials Inc." is the company name. Best company I've ever worked for.

It’s great you’re happy with your workplace. My work also fulfills me as far as a work perspective goes. Who’d want to grind it every day at a workplace and job they hated? Not me!

I don't have the self discipline(intelligence?) to work a job I hated.

I just had half of my full cup of lemon ginger tea! It was so delicious that I will fill it up again, right now. I don’t even wait until all gone.
Simplicity! Fill it! Drink it half way or all the way and fill it again....I don’t need any logic for such simple act. Half empty? Doesn’t exist for me.

Everyone has their own motivations and yours seems to be to deny the half full/half empty ethos altogether. If it works then get after it! Good to hear you’re crushing life! :)

Smashing IT as much as possible 😂😉

There is stuff in the cup. It's a good day.


Maybe its just the wrong sized cup

Nothing worse then the wrong cup size.

I disagree with this post, ^These cups are half empty.


Well said. I think Social Media has a lot to do with the half-empty mentality these days. It's very easy to garner sympathy and attention by posting a vague "woe is me" status on Facebook and some people seem to like that.

Many people like that, I agree. It's much easier to play the victim these days.

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