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I have 30 Posts to hit the magic 1,000. I have read some great content and a lot of Cut & Paste rubbish on Steemit.
But that was in the bad old days when you could actually see the new posts moving down the page.

At the latest calculated rate of 900 Posts per hour.

There is no way, other than doing a course in, Quantum Speed Reading.

To get through this Niagara Falls of Text and Grist for the Steemit Blogchain Mill.

"Quantum Speed Reading! Whats that?" I hear the great unwashed ask.

"Quantum Speed Reading is a technique for reading books without looking at the pages."

Its big in Japan it seems. Maybe it works who knows.

But it's that type of technique you will need to keep track of all those,

Wannabe Steemit Blogchain Millionaires.

I feel an End of the World T-Shirt, moment coming on.

I watched the movie,

Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World,

and it made me kinda sad;D(

Now what would you do at the end of the world?

Would you look up that lost love?

Would you make peace with your enemies?

Or would you just go to that place that made you feel happy and wanted?

Or would you embrace Taoism! Would you embrace,The Yin & Yang, of life

"The ubiquitous yin-yang symbol holds its roots in Taoism, a Chinese religion and philosophy.
The yin, the dark swirl, is associated with shadows, femininity, and the trough of a wave;
the yang, the light swirl, represents brightness, passion and growth

Taoism is a religious or philosophical tradition of Chinese origin which emphasizes living in harmony with the Tao.

The Tao is a fundamental idea in most Chinese philosophical schools;

in Taoism, however, it denotes the principle that is the source, pattern and substance of everything that exists.

Taoism differs from Confucianism by not emphasizing rigid rituals and social order.

Taoist ethics vary depending on the particular school, but in general tend to emphasize wu wei (effortless action), "naturalness", simplicity, spontaneity, and the Three Treasures:"compassion","frugality", and "humility".

Read more about Taoism:

Sounds very like, "The Force" in that Galaxy Far Far Away.

Here then, is a very topical T-Shirt, "While Seeking That Friend For The End Of The World."

Good luck with your choices and your journey. We will all need it.



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End of the World? Might as well SteemOn @franks on steemit ♨
Looks like great design for a new ERC-20 based crypro...TAOCoin ?


Thanks for giving it a read