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Would you consider yourself "normal" in today's society that has been dominated by the western mindset?

Being normal today is working your 9 to 5 job, eating your 3 meals a day, and watching your Netflix. The materialism program is rampant and is at the root of the western mindset that has crept into every culture around the world. If you are not putting your time and energy into obtaining material items then most likely you have been ridiculed for thinking outside of the box. Our world is so intricately built by small groups of people that feed off the public's lack of knowledge it is almost impossible to get others to understand what we were born into. Thinking outside of the box can even be reflected in where you are shopping at the grocery store, notice how all the processed garbage is in the middle of the store and the real food is on the perimeter or outside the box. These so called "elite" know something we don't know and have taught us a specific way of how to live in order for them to benefit. We are constantly bombarded with advertisements and sacred geometry used by corporations to manipulate us into falling for their consumer traps. The dumbing down of society has worked wonders for the corporations that have deceived us all. We are only taught one way of living for a reason and people are blinded to the fact that living as a debt slave is optional.

Our world is built off the false notion of superiority that comes with the material world. Everything in life worth having is truly free whether you have seen through the deception or not. In fact, the root of most problems stems from the desire to want more material things. I am nowhere near perfect and am still working on balancing the material and spiritual world to maintain a healthy mind, body, and spirit. Money can not buy happiness and raising your consciousness and living for others is the only way you will be truly content with your life.

When observing nature we see that everything gives in order to receive, from the trees to the oceans. Humans are the only thing in nature I see that do not work in unison with the universal laws of living for others. If living for others is considered abnormal in this society, I do not want to be normal.

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Hi @flatearthvegan
I know I am not "normal" and do not desire to be ;)

I've been away from the steemit site and I wish to stop by to wish you joy, cheers!

hey dude, right on.

Well spoken.

go into it more, as I am sure you will.

Thanks man, I kind of went in all directions with this one just wanted to rant a bit. Definitely will be going deeper into these subjects!

can I suggest you try and break up those big blocks of text a bit, use more space and it'll be easier to read, and therefore more people will do so.

but power on brother

Will do! I'm currently using StackEdit to piece together my posts, if you have any suggestions for editing please let me know.

I don't know that one, I am using ghostwriter and the posting window and copy pasting between them.

But my suggestion is just to make your sentences all start on a new lines, make short paragraphs and leave lots of visual space.

Maybe I could offer my own blogs as an example.

it's a process.

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Excellent post very well written, keep up the good work.

Thanks man right back at ya!

So true, I'm with you. The trivium way of learning was abandont in the 1900 th, which was real learning. The Trivium is an ancient method to learn and think effectively, and therefore to come to truth. It is like a manual for how our mind, as a "processing unit" works, and for how to use it in an effective way, without prejudging and logic errors.
It is the "Three-Fold Path to Truth", consisting of the three steps of gathering information, understanding it, and expressing it (Input, Processing, Output). The only few people who still learn this way is top of elite, we only gets shit.

To learn about it see this link:

Aldous Huxley was so right, it fits perfectly on the danish society