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So, you're an anarchist?

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That's cute if you really believe it. Setting aside the largest mass genocide of human history for a moment, the USA would have been better off staying as individual nation states. As in Virginia as one country, Maryland another, etc. Even at a "state" level though, it is tyrannical today. Back when the states were formed though, there was far more liberty and far less government.

What you wrote about the USA is a joke. It's a joke on us, or at least the people who know better than believing the lie. Governments routinely ignore documents. The USA documents are no exception. I'm more of a Declaration of Independence guy, not a Bill of Right's guy. Which Bill of Rights is still being honored?

Speaking of "Bills of Rights," you should check out Virginia's Article 13 of their so-called bill of rights. It was written way before the US Consitution too. Keep that in mind when you read the document.

Then realize we have come a VERY long way from that time period. We've gone in the wrong direction away from liberty too. And that's how these things work. No matter how genius the system is, powers consolidate and liberty shrinks over time.

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I don't disagree with any of that which is why we need to get back to the constitutional levels of representation. 1:30,000. I won't post the link but you should check out what I wrote on the greatest conspiracy ever perpetrated in the US.