In-Groups Versus Out-Groups: Why Our Culture is so Fear-Based (Article)

in philosophy •  last year

Human beings are a real cosmic marvel. Cosmic dust forged into thinking apes that went on to guide civilization to where some writer can beam this message across the globe.

Our brains allow us such incredible potential, but there are some limits to it which are the cause of some of the many bumps we have faced throughout history, and still to this day. We grew too fast, and our genes couldn’t keep up. We were not meant to live in cities of millions. Though we have adapted enough to survive, we experience and create mass suffering as a result of being ill-fitted at a biological level. Our brains are finite. We can only retain enough information/connections to have 150-300 close relationships.

The brain naturally constructs rules for society. It is what allows for many of our complex behaviors, and part of the richness of our subjective worlds. One of the key functions of these processes splits people we encounter into In- and Out-groups. This is accomplished by creating a heuristic trust system.

By creating a divide in how we perceive different people, we create a sort of security membrane for our tribe; the people we have the closest ties with. This is an advantageous trait in a world where clans are competing for survival and resources. In an increasingly global culture, this trait becomes detrimental.

As our ability to adapt the world to technology increases, so too does our ability to implement solutions that work in our favor. We have the potential to break free from these limits. The Earth Nation has the tools to implement a global decentralized revolution. Working as one alliance, the people of Earth can pool their time, resources, and connections in ways that serve them directly.

Our culture is now the biggest hurdle holding us back from evolving into a planetary collective. There are countless archetypes in the collective mind that keep us from seeing each other as brothers and sisters. Nationalism, racism, sexism, xenophobia, and self-centeredness are just a few of the apparent examples of ideas that keep people pitted against other people.

Additionally, our culture is engineered to create small tribes. The nuclear family was enforced as an ideal for so many years. It is a perfect symbol of the old paradigm. For generations, western culture has emphasized the importance of social normativity and independent self-sustainment.

These ideas and ideals are no longer able to be upheld. The inefficiencies of old paradigm systems of economics and governance are grinding the planet into dust. We need to accept significant change if we are going to survive to see any future.

Most importantly is letting go of fear. Fear is what strengthens the In- and Out-group divide in our mental landscape. We cannot split people into different groups. When we perceive others as “not-self,” we intrinsically begin seeing them as exploitable.

If the cells of your body were eating each other, you would not survive for very long.

The solution is to love. Treat everyone as one, loving all who cross your path as an extension of yourself. The more our collective grows under the guidance of love, the more cohesive of a world we will create.

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This is timely as I just wrote a post that touches on fear and I also plan to do a few more specifically on fear itself and how we can overcome it.
Nice post by the way.


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If you utilize vote bots properly, you tend to get more than you put in them.

The question then becomes why aren't you using them?


Because i view the practice of selling upvotes and the selling of Vest's as being nothing more than scumbaggery.
I see you resteem earthnation posts are part of that ?


being nothing more than scumbaggery.

Why? I'm genuinely curious as to what your value system is, and what specifically makes the use of systems that are available to everyone to cause such a negative reaction in you. Especially since we are actively teaching others how to get the most out of Steemit, and fostering relationships with those groups most involved with the systems here, and brainstorming how to evolve them and prevent any foreseeable problems as Steemit balloons into the mainstream.

I see you resteem earthnation posts are part of that ?

I'm currently the lead content creator for Earth Nation, and getting ready to step up as the writing coordinator. I wrote this article.

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This goes for several skillsets besides writing. We welcome everyone with open arms who genuinely wants to see a positive change in the world.


There was no negative reaction in me!
i have no idea why you would think such thing!
And it is great thing in my eyes that you guys inhabit this space along with everyone else .
However the value i see you holding for the platform as a whole is not because you contribute anything to the growth and stability of the platform. Because imho you are a threat to the long term growth and stability, and that is your value. We actually need predatory organizations to strengthen the structural integrity of the platform


It was your use of words like scumbaggery and the active calling out of our use of bots which framed your response to be negative in my mind. It appeared like you were pointing fingers at us. In the past I've done online reception for organizations and I'm used to crossing paths with people with electronic pitchforks, so I apologize for assuming the same of you. :)

We actually need predatory organizations to strengthen the structural integrity of the platform

We need a larger participatory audience. The numbers Steemit pulls in relatively small compared to any of the non-blockchain systems available to the masses. The more people exchanging value within the system, the more vibrant and diverse the system can grow.

This is how any economy works; think of how the body solves many of its logistic problems with major blood vessels and small capillaries. There are only a handful of the bigger vessels, but countless small structural connections which keep the whole thing running. Similarly, the greater the flow of resources that becomes possible, the greater stability Steemit will have over the long run. It's this transitionary period of growth which offers the greatest challenge, as exploitative, predatory organizations can latch onto those weaknesses and, like vampires, suck all the value out of the platform, leaving a husk for the rest of us to walk away from, hat in hand.

We're addressing this problem, and the larger metaproblem of having the masses adopt the blockchain. Our cryptocurreny, Equality Keys, and the systems and academies we are creating are designed to ease this challenge of adopting the blockchain for people.

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I love your posts. Thank you for being you!

I definitely agree that there must be a balance, because Us = Them. That in mind, some discrimination and discernment between "myself" and "other" is necessary. Unfortunately, as it is, not everyone has well-meaning intentions toward their fellow brethren. So some distinctions, some boundaries, are of necessity. But not to such an extreme degree that we've been seeing persistently playing out in recent human history. This is the masculine "divide and conquer", "dog-eat-dog", "me and mine over you and yours", rat race mentality that has run rampant as the logic and reasoning centers of the brain continue to expand and take over (like an unfeeling, unrelenting Drill Sergeant).

While the feminine, too, nurtures and protects, hers is a more holistic approach. He (as the Architect) is overly concerned with minute details, error-correction, and impossible perfection. He sees parts. She, on the other hand, understands that a little mess here and there serves the greater good. It actually allows a higher order to unfold. As the Oracle, she is a little more broad-sighted. She sees the whole picture.

At the end of the day they both have the same goal in mind: Victory. And their roles aren't really as clear-cut as I've laid out, as they often share in each other's traits. It can also always be viewed in reverse as well. Still, we must wield our swords of discrimination if we are to properly navigate within the physical dimension.

But I totally agree. Love is the solution, and that is the core essence of everyone, even though they've forgotten. And it all begins with reciprocity, equal give and take.


Thank you for the kind words! All of us in the EN are working towards our collective evolution, and building a better, more balanced culture is at the core of that solution.

He (as the Architect) is overly concerned with minute details, error-correction, and impossible perfection. He sees parts. She, on the other hand, understands that a little mess here and there serves the greater good. It actually allows a higher order to unfold.

I whole-heartedly agree with this sentiment. Order and Chaos need to work together to reach the highest heights that are possible. The masculine mind determines and acts on the best logic available, while the feminine mind branches out into the unknown to generate better, more resonate logic. This is a pattern that exists on all levels of nature; as above, so below. There are parts that build up and those that tear down, and both are good.

All on the path to Victory!


Yes, yes, and yes!

"Sometimes in order to create, you must first destroy." - Prometheus

"Destruction is a form of creation." - Donnie Darko


Not trying to overload you with my comments, but a few quotes just popped into my head that are totally fitting in regards to sameness and diversity, unity and division, myself and others, parts and the whole. It's a delicate balancing act, and a little deviation is (overall) pro-motive. Without the "spice of life" (variety), nothing could grow or evolve:

Bernard: "Out of repetition comes variation and after countless cycles of repetition, these hosts... they were varying. They were on the verge of some kind of change." - Westworld

Major Motoko Kusanagi: "If we all reacted the same way, we'd be predictable, and there's always more than one way to view a situation. What's true for the group is also true for the individual. It's simple: Overspecialize, and you breed in weakness. It's slow death." - Ghost in the Shell

A balance between sameness and strangeness. The herd may survive for a while due to safety in numbers, but unless they start to diverge into new types/groups of life forms, life becomes static. On the other hand, should there be no cooperation between groups, with everyone going their separate ways, it'd be an endless conflict leading to total annihilation.


I'm totally onboard with what you're saying. I tend to use the term 'novelty.' The universe is a novelty-generating engine; the further into the future we travel, the more novel forms the universe generates. Whatever creative force is driving these processes keeps stepping into the unknown to create anew. As we are an extension of this process, we too must continuously step out of our comfort zone to keep evolving with the world we inhabit.

On the other hand, should there be no cooperation between groups, with everyone going their separate ways, it'd be an endless conflict leading to total annihilation.

We feel the solution here is decentralization. The EN is an alliance of many different organizations with their unique goals. We support each other in the specific ways we can, but everything is sovereign and working towards our own ends. It's like each group is a cell, and together we make a multi-cellular organism.

That's a great post. Truth be told, it's really amazing times that we live in - never once in the history, humans has noticed a bigger growth than in 20/21 century. It's really great moment to be alive, although I feel like there could be a lot that should be changed within our society and between our social relations with each other. People are too much self-oriented and just like you said, what we need more in this life is love.


We're definitely crossing some sort of barrier into a new world. I think the only way we're going to survive is if we embrace each other and our ability to adapt to any environment. Change is coming, and if we are all islands, the waves of entropy will consume us.

I liked your mention of heuristics. A fascinating area in social psychology and a big reason for not being too quick to judge given our (seemingly) in built tendency to short cut perception and decision making.


Heuristic logic is something I've sunk a significant amount of time into. As a juggler, I'm running primarily on intuition, and it's interesting to see how I "know" how to move my arms, even when working with new patterns. I can visualize a lot of the algorithms that piece together my subjective reality. It's amazing how efficient the brain is at piecing together accurate conclusions from only a little information.