The Power Of NO

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The worship of materialism is what led us where we are and this is absolutely prophetic. Countless mystics have warned us about the superficiality of the attachment to things and instant egotic gratifications whatever they are.

Because the ego tends to follow the path of the least resistance (exactly like money), it was a mere cakewalk for "those in the know" to herd us into the maze over the centuries. When we understand what is really happening, all this sounds so surreal, though much like a never-ending nightmare.

Most people have lost the sense of what it means being human because most endure such mechanical lives. Without advertising to sustain the illusion of freedom, they are pretty much lost, so lost that they would do anything for money.

Here is an example -- 1,400 pounds of shark fins seized at PortMiami and worth between $700,000 and $1 million (orlandosentinel)

Of course, the more sharks are overfished the more fin prices go up, well you know how demand and supply work. The evidence that capitalism cannot end well. Millions of sharks are killed each year just for their fins while not many people know that it takes 10 years average for most shark species to reproduce. Deep-sea mining also continues unabated, allowing the plunder for minerals while destroying biodiversity from the bottom up.

All this for the sake of pure economic savagery. Life is sacred and eventually, we'll have to unite, rise up and scream with all the power of our lungs " NOOO"!

Here is a book we definitely recommend that you rent at your local library (or buy)

Overcoming the Robotic Mind – Why Humanity Must Come Through by Julian Rose

When I read the latest book of Julian Rose’s ‘Overcoming the Robotic Mind – Why Humanity Must Come Through’ I was touched by the uncompromising analysis of how earth and all life on it is under threat. Even more so by his dedication to finding ways to overcome our ever faster slide into a dystopian future where the robotic mind, artificial intelligence and the internet of things will dominate and enslave humanity and all life.

Julian shows how interconnected things are. One cannot separate our health from the effects of the electronic communication gadgets which steal more and more of our real lives. Nor can one separate the effects of genetic manipulation from the depletion of the world’s soils. Nor can one separate the poisoning of the environment from the cut-throat non-morality of the dominant economic system. Nor can one separate politics and economy from an agenda that is hell-bent on merging the human brain with the ‘internet of things’ to finally enable total global control of the minds and lock humanity in a permanent and invisible prison.

In his book, Julian touches on many things such as politics, agriculture, genetics, trans-humanism, war, technology, de-population, religion and spirituality. In the form of essays he fuses them all together to enable the reader to see the bigger picture and the dire situation all life – including human – finds itself in. But he does not stop there but inspires us to remember our own powers and responsibilities and gives us ideas of how we can overcome it. He makes us aware that our acquiescence to go along with what is happening in our societies is a major part of why we find ourselves in such a situation. He reminds us of the power of ‘NO’, meaning having enough of the madness and the will to NOT go along with it any longer. In his words: ‘That first big No leads directly to an even bigger Yes! To living our true nature as conscious beings; defenders and guardians of this richly endowed place of beauty in which we find ourselves. You see there is nowhere else to go with our lives. Those of us who ‘understand’ are in the last line of defense to bring to an end the despotic rape of all that which has value. Of everything sacred.’


I love this, it's hard though. There are many times when taking the "No" stance isolates you from community and turns you into a misfit. Right now I'm going through a difficult time as I haven't met a single soul that shares my ideals and values in the place I'm currently living in. Gets tempting to just say: "fuck it, Yes, let's keep this destructive model going I just need to fit in for a bit". But I'm a stubborn one so still got lot's of strength in me to keep the resistance up.


sorry to hear you are going through hard times, but that's the trend, unfortunately. Hold on and join the money-free movement and spread the word :)

I totally agree with Your post, and yes - the common man has the problem of being born into a society that tells him 'no matter what we say, money is the religion and the bank is your church".
Worse still is due to the competitive nature of the species, the act of "playing to win" takes over all common sense in relation to the world at large...
Honestly, the human as we know them will have to evolve quite a bit - just to see the need to find a way out.
Also sadly,
The people who read literature regarding the current state of mankind are those who are already aware...
And the rest, while they still believe there is a penny to make that might be worth something will keep plugging away..
It's how their trained...

right, thank you for sharing these harsh truths. Humans as a whole have to (must) evolve, it is imperative at this stage. Thank you again for dropping by!

No Problem, in my early days here - I mean first couple of posts I made some phylosophical points..
But the Art thing got Me so to speak...
Back on topic....
Yes the human race "must" evolve,
And with that we have a problem...

If You have ever read any "Carlos Castanada"... In his conversations with Don Juan, Don Juan hit the nail on the head.. As to the root cause of the problem...

But for us the problem is (speaking of our perception)...
Is we have a Generation of people with a Very Small amount of knowledge of how we got to this place running more and more...
Worse still is that they also have very little care about that anyways...
They see this all as a kind of "Glamorous" that we have attained this level of civilization.
They don't want Anyone rocking the boat...

Now.. the funny thing is if You really think about the direction, or dynamic of these individuals you can (Purely Biblically Speaking) only come up with one conclusion.. especially taking Don Juan's perspective...
Thank You for Posting!
Sorry about the long

Yes, in capitalism, anyone has the ability and capacity to say no. When you reach a point of economic stability, you are free to chase whatever dreams you choose. If you want to live off the land, go ahead. If you want to invent something that will improve the well being of billions, go to it!

If you want to go vegan and never harm a sentient being, go do it. There is nothing to stop you.

Capitalism is creating new wealth each and every day. As we become more wealthy, our ability to do things grows. It is a self reinforcing cycle. This is how we have destroyed famines and extreme poverty from almost everywhere.

This is how we have destroyed famines and extreme poverty from almost everywhere.

So inaccurate, if anything has grown through capitalism is the inequality that riches are distributed with.

I do agree you need resources to get things done, however, there are many kinds of resources and they do not all come from the pockets of those who play real-life monopoly.

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