The importance of hypergamy

in philosophy •  3 months ago

The following is a thought exercise...
When a person plays a game of chess there is a particular move called a gambit. This move risks a piece with less importance in order to have greater long term gains. Hypergamy is a "mating" strategy which women have where they "marry up". They mate with males of a higher capability and status with a long term view of success.

In the case of women marrying and having children early and devoting their time to having a healthy family this is a successful strategy. Yes the woman has the gambit of giving up her own career (or delaying it for a few years) in the long term one would hope for better reproductive success.

There is one caveat to this strategy. When I was in university on of my female friends had decided to devote herself as was suggested in this video. She married a lawyer and devoted herself to creating a very good family. Thirty-some years later she was divorced and had to rebuild her life. Our society doesn't tend to encourage good behavior (nor three wives). The irony is that while a woman's biological strategy is hypergamy a male's strategy is to spread genetic material as broadly as possible. The successful male (which the female wants) is measured not only by strength, intelligence, status but also in being attractive to other women. If you are a woman ask yourself the question - "Do you want a man who other women would not have?"

This could lead back to when the contract was a bigger part of marriages. While dower rights were created to protect a woman's rights in widowhood, there is nothing to say that it couldn't be reinterpreted for today's society. Part of the premarital agreement would be to allow a certain portion of marriage income would be set aside during the marriage which would be the mother's sole domain. Instead of being used to buy "stuff" it would be used for investment to assure the wife an income in the event a marriage ends or she becomes widowed.

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