Life is a video game?

in philosophy •  3 months ago

A couple of weeks ago I watched a stream of videos which discussed near death experiences and then a series of videos discussing astral projection. The upshot of these videos made me consider one of the thoughts that life as we experience it is part of a process in line with reincarnation and karma.

As an analogy think of life is a video game. I used to play a game similar to Risk (Banyon Wars). I tried incorporating the strategies I learned in this game in my own life. What if what we are experiencing in this life is like Sim Universe where each of us are playing a game. What some people describe as the astral plane is where we actually exist and we coordinate with others in our life to play out various scenarios. Just as in a video game you have easy, hard and impossible modes the same might apply in this life. Imagine how daring a person must be to accept a life with a physical or mental disability. This raises the question of what happens if some bad actors terminate your life before you have "won the game"? What about people who attempt losing strategies. Perhaps there were some earlier successful gamers (Jesus, Buddha etc.) who have left messages on how to succeed.

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