Depression, nurture? Genes ?

in philosophy •  2 years ago 

Hello fellow Steemit Users.

As this is my first steemit post, i would like to test the waters by trying to involve you in a discussion.

All of us know someone who is battling depression, maybe... its even You Dear reader.

But what causes it ? As the title implies, is it nurture.... are things you see on TV,internet,

movies,music, led you to believe that in order to live fulfilled life you Must be special.

Are you attractive enough? Are you smart enough? Are you creative enough?

Questions like anchors, that can drag  you down to the darkest depths of your

own mind.Maybe these questions are better left untouched,label them "taboo" and

forget them. Self doubt should never be invited,its a guest that's not welcomed,nor wanted.


 Every part of your body, including your brain, is controlled by genes. Genes make proteins that are involved in biological processes. Throughout life, different genes turn on and off, so that — in the best case — they make the right proteins at the right time. But if the genes get it wrong, they can alter your biology in a way that results in your mood becoming unstable. In a genetically vulnerable person, any stress (a missed deadline at work or a medical illness, for example) can then push this system off balance.

The question i pose to you Reader.

Is Depression nurtured on to us by media?

If your genes are at fault,can you ever truly escape Depression?

Note: im not looking for the divine truth, meaning: I only care about your opinions and perspectives on the topic, this is not a right or wrong answer type-ish thing.Simply to find out how you feel about Depression.


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Hi @coldestwinter! First, I'd like to congratulate you on your first steemit post! 👍

I get curious about whether depression has got something to do with our environment or maybe we are just born with it. I get depressed too at times when I cannot meet my standards or that of other peoples' expectation of me (parents, boss, friends...). It's must be bits of the two. And perhaps, depression is really innate to each and everyone of us, this is the emotion we express as a reaction to a stimuli.

Thank you kindly for being my first comment ! i do agree with you, i think its a little bit of both, but it does seem very strange how many people seem to be affected by it. if i may ask a follow up question... do you think suicide will be more likely committed by one, who openly admits hes depressed, or the one that tries to hide it and cover it up?

You're welcome! 😊

As for your follow up question, I honestly think that "suicide" is a form of escape. That's their choice of path to run away from all their problems not basically a solution, right? I believe the one who's not vocal about his inner battles would most likely just want to escape his problems and resorts to suicide. I think this mental state is still repairable by support network, diversion and positive outlook.

Welcome to Steemit! :)

thanks buddy appreciate it !

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