Ecology and Essential Reality with David Bohm

in philosophy •  last year

We are all essential for one another, Importance is meaning, people are not expressing their real purpose, mainly due to social engineering, globalization and the power driven predatory nature of capitalism and its exploits, putting value on time is enslaving humanity and raping the Earth. We need to shift our level of consciousness with values that focus on living in harmony with the planet and one another which has far more meaning. We can all experience self empowerment, with shared concern and positive focus on the solutions to the environmental crisis being a crisis of human consciousness. Its time for a complete change of consciousness that goes beyond government or the archaic structure of power as it is, which is only destructive to the ecology of the planet.

In the bigger picture beyond our personal identities and the archaic system, a new way of being more harmonious and conscious with Earth would mean shifting to community based public open source systems, community based management of natural resources and biodiversity, and community based alternative energy, medicine and alternative currencies.

David Bohm understood humanity could not evolve with our current power structure and forms of social engineering.

Essential Reality

David Bohm and Krishnamurti, Brockwood Park 1983.
The Future of Humanity, part 1

David Bohm & Krishnamurti.
The Future of Humanity, part 2

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