Loving Life

in philosophy •  6 months ago

Yo yo my Steemies, wattup?

After an icy cold night in Melbourne, the sun came out today.

Naturally,I took advantage of the sunlight, to visist the Darebin Parklands after work, for a nature walk, and vlog.

Join me, as I talk about problem vs solution, based focus.


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That's a good looking man with a good looking life . Love to do those random hikes like that as well Bob :)


Thanks man haha, yes, there'll be plenty more like it, now spring is coming :)

Loving life is very impotant, thanks for your positivity, I like birds out there. It's a very nice natural place. ☺


I love taking time out like this when the weather permits.
I see you have to find somewhere new too, after they demolished your vlogging spot.

howdy sir bobaphet! oh man you gotta wear some hiking boots out there, hey when you were thinking about traversing the stream on those rocks I bet everyone was saying "come on, you can do it bobaphet!" lol.. I was anyway, geez you're only 53.

you need one of those Aussie hats with the brim that snaps up on one side though when you're out in the woods like that bobaphet, talk about a great look! lol.
great life advice too sir!