When we suffer anger syndrome hulk is a clear example (amok's syndrome)

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Hulk syndrome is a syndrome little known to the non-specialized public. It is characterized by sudden explosions of anger. These explosions often turn into violent behavior. Medically, the name is Amok's syndrome. However, in general it is known by the popular green monster: Hulk.

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Hulk is a character from the Marvel comics. He has also appeared in several films belonging to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Among these films are the latest installment of the Thor series, as well as The Avengers. Hulk is the alter ego of the gentle Dr. Bruce Banner. While carrying out experiments with toxic waste, Dr. Banner is contaminated. 

From that moment, Dr. Banner emerges a second personality: Hulk. This great monster appears suddenly, is violent and likes to destroy things around it. Dr. Banner can not control the Hulk, and vice versa. Little by little, Dr. Banner must learn to "live" with the green monster.

Hulk's syndrome, Amok's syndrome

For his characterization in comics, Hulk responds to that profile in which there are very intense and uncontrolled behaviors derived from anger or anger. Let us think that when anger, when it is encapsulated, gagged or denied in a systematic way, it can make us explode in a very violent way.

According to experts, the Hulk syndrome is linked to cultural factors. Although in many cultures the Hulk syndrome has been documented, there are small concrete and specific specificities to each culture in relation to the syndrome.

In the West, before the appearance of the Hulk as a character, Hulk syndrome was already documented. It was known by another name: the Amok syndrome. The word Amok was taken from the Malay term meng-amok. This word means, in a vast translation, "to attack and kill with blind wrath."

It is believed that Hulk syndrome is the cause of many damages, the source of many fights. However, studies suggest that the frequency of diagnosis is much lower than its actual incidence in society. For example, many people who suffer from Amok's syndrome and in the manifestation of their anger end up committing a crime, they can commit suicide at the end of the episode.

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Turn rabies into energy

Not all anger is negative. It does not make sense to refuse certain moods. A spiritually healthy person is one who allows himself to feel the full range of emotions.

This includes negative valence emotions such as anger or sadness. Thus, anger fulfills its function when it warns us: eye, may have violated your rights. He also fulfills it when he gives us energy: eye, "he reacts, you can not allow them to abuse you or someone you love". The problem appears when it is the emotion, with its message and its energy, that happens to dominate our behavior.

In this way, anger management demands the intervention of our emotional intelligence. With work and dedication, the explosions of rage caused by Hulk syndrome can become an element that plays in our favor.

It is important to understand that the control of anger is a process that demands a conscious effort. However, it is very rewarding. A person can achieve channeling the energy that previously caused violence towards an organized work plan. Remember, Hulk syndrome is not a definite quality of a person's character. It can be worked and converted into a strength.

How to channel anger

Next, we give you some strategies so you can handle your anger more easily. In this way, the likelihood of being caught in a Hulk syndrome is reduced.

  • Exercise and take fresh air. Exercising makes it easier for our bodies to drain accumulated energy. In addition, exercise releases some hormones associated with happiness.
  • Externalize the thoughts. Sometimes it is difficult to efficiently articulate our feelings. However, the emotional communication we make is very important, since the quantity and quality of the help we receive will depend on it to a large extent.
  • To meditate. Learning to put our mind in white is a skill with potential to help in very intense emotional situations. For example, through meditation it is possible to achieve greater self-knowledge.

Remember that anger and frustration are part of our palette of emotions. Try to give them a clever way. The best way to deal with these feelings is by channeling them towards behaviors that benefit you.

Thanks for taking a few minutes of your time to read my post I hope to see you in my next post.

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Hi @bidbots. Nice piece of article. I've done some reading and apparently the one of the most prominent sign of Hulk syndrome is the patient would become unusually muscular when they get angry. However, I'm not sure about the validity of this information. There are a lot of reasons why people would become easily angered by someone or something; it can be biological and psychological. I guess Hulk syndrome is the last thing you want to suspect since it is quite rare. Regarding your article:

  • The way you cited your images' sources were wrong. You need to direct people to the original website with the image that contained information about the author and license version. I'm guessing both of the pictures you were using were copyrighted and if it was, then you can't use them. Please refer here if you're not familiar with what I was talking about.

  • You need to cite your article references. It's a common courtesy of rewarding the original contributor if we were using their material.

Please note that I'm not in any way, try to disapprove your work. You've done an excellent job here, but you can make it better. If you have any problem regarding STEM-related articles, you can join steemSTEM Discord Channel and we will be glad to assist you.


this post was made with the help of @joelgonz1982 the idea of this post is to reflect the anger with the character of hulk we wanted to do something fun for the reader ..
the images are public domain.
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