Some thoughts on the occult and being more respectful to animals.

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This is a post I made for Facebook, so.. Some of it might not quite make sense unless you read it in that light, I'm appealing to my audience over there and then decided hey.. I might as well post it here as well for anyone interested. If it's not a subject you're interested in, no worries! But for those who may find it a worthwhile read, here you go.

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Something I've been thinking about a lot lately is the occult.. And I may sound like a broken record at this point, but I feel like it's absolutely one of the most important subjects to discuss..

Also something else I've been thinking about that ties into this is veganism which I also think is incredibly important, and to me the understanding of the word these days applies equally to human animals as it does regular animals.

So.. I think this is one reason I vibed so much with veganism when I discovered it, because it taught me a whole new element of "rights" and that all sentient beings deserve to live their life and not be infringed upon, including humans which are technically and likely animals themselves.

I had already been speaking out for humans since heck.. Even my teenage years. But especially in my twenties up to current day.. And now.. I realize that it all fits together.. Veganism fits perfectly with my previous efforts to help humans.. It's all the same really, and it's so interconnected that these areas are sort of.. "merged" even further.

And if you think about it.. How can we truly free the animals if we can't even truly free ourselves?

How do we stop people from savaging and killing animals when we can't stop humans from doing that to each other?

HOWEVER.. I think veganism helped show me that it might be possible to help humans empathize with each other more if they can empathize with animals more.

How could we go bomb innocent people in far off lands if we won't even harm an innocent fly? I mean.. It just makes so much sense and I'm so glad I went down this path, it makes me feel so much more consistent now and less hypocritical.

I used to be flabbergasted by the idea of people giving animals rights.. I was like.. What the heck?! They can't even speak our language and can't get some kind of translator either! But.. Now I know, that doesn't matter.

It doesn't matter if they can speak our language or not, they deserve to be here as much as anyone and to be treated with respect as well, as long as they are not infringing on your rights(IE Self defense), especially if we don't need to harm them for our survival.

Which most of us do not in this day and age, or really any day and age as vegans have been around since the beginning of time and carry through it up until now.

However! I've noticed a lot of vegans tend to largely if not entirely ignore human issues and almost exclusively focus on animals and I think there's some problems with that especially when they debate people who point it out on the other side, people who may care about human issues but who don't offer the same compassion and respect to animals.

I do think there's some kind of disconnect here and that if more vegans started paying attention to more human issues like war and corruption in government that we could make even huger progress.

Cause.. Vegans tend to be really caring people! If we can just get more of them to care about humans more.. I think that'll be great and super important.

Anyways.. Before I ramble too much.. I think the main threat humans and animals face is the "occult" the.. "hidden" the "dark state" the "grey state" the "deep state" the "secret societies".

It's essentially the people who run the world the most, and most people don't even know they exist they've done such a masterful job of concealing and occulting themselves.

In my opinion and.. To put it bluntly.. The wars we see, the poverty, the starvation, the animal abuse.. It can almost ALL be tracked or traced back to the occult realm.

How could we ever cure these problems if we don't try to find the source? War, animal abuse, poverty and all these things, these are some of the SYMPTOMS of the disease.. The disease itself is almost certainly the "hidden" world.

If you try to stop war or animal abuse or poverty or world hunger or any of these things without trying to find the men in the shadows behind the curtain, unfortunately.. I don't think you'll ever achieve your goal.

Vegans are some of the most caring and beautiful people I've ever seen. Though few of them seem to know much about corrupt government or are willing to get deep into human politics.

This is clear because almost every time something bad happens I see a LOT of vegans on my social media asking for the government to step in and do something, yet.. The government IS a major part of the problem!

The government is run by the dark occult, they are the ones subsidizing animal products 99% and fruits and vegetables 1% or less.. These are the ones paying trillions for bombs and war and who are murdering millions of innocent people.. These are the same people who are rigging the economic system to impoverish and weaken many around the world.

It all goes back to them in my opinion, it could go even deeper somehow I suppose, though.. I've spent most of my life looking and all arrows point to the occult world.

The government is not here to help you.. The govern-ment is here to control you. Govern = Control = ment the state of being or "mind", either way it's mind control.
Begging your lords and masters to change the laws is not the solution.

I think the solution is something more along the lines of.. NO MORE lords and masters. And, educating people that harming others for no good reason is wrong. We don't need to make more laws that don't work, good people don't need laws and criminals don't obey them.

Help others understand the difference between right and wrong within themselves. I think that is one of the most important things we can do.

We can't force them with language or laws, they have to figure it out for themselves and within themselves.

One of the only things we can really do is to try to help them see what we've seen.

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