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The Sounds of Music Come from Within. It's All here Man. It's not so far away place - the Place is here - the Place is Within - Equally So for Each One here - The Nest Resides on the Inside.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to hush hush about the Heaven on Earth Broadcast here - the fact of the matter is that we Humans are the lowest common denominator. The irony of course is that We are all in a point of Desire mostly to have a Better Life or are over compensating and believe ourselves lucky and super happy with what we got - this is a point of the Bigger Picture...

The Bigger Picture....

Dare to Look Ourselves...

How do We All fit together here?

I mean - How Does Life Work best for Everyone Here - It starts with taking care of our very thinking - Catching ourselves in our Word Webs when they are in Fact 'In Inferiority".

Our Words Create the World. And it's to be Real with Our Words. None of this, 'Fake it till you Make it deception" - No it's about owning our Sound - Taking Response Ability for Our Sounds - Not Compromising the frequency of Our Recording...Our Very Broadcast as the WHO WE ARE in and as the Infinite Moment here - That's the Test...that's the point of responsibility - It's the point of Question - Am I One and Equal Here as Life - or am I jaded into a Self-Defeat Construction - the dynamics of ourselves is the politics of the world - the inner reflecting the outer and it's an all together thing - each alone...creating the world together...and Sugar Coating things for the 'niceness effect' isn't going to hold weight in terms of being substantial...a little sweet is nice and great....but it's a fine line in being real about not super glossing the narratives.

I realize that my best narratives are un eddited and raw off the cuff freestyles - it's a speaking from the heart without time to think as like change my mind in a moment of funk as the funky dunky dunk a roo of indecision within the consciousness of mind - whereas the "flow" is beyond the conscious mind - it's in the moment here as Life itself Movement - the Play of Living in the Darkness of the Unknown - The Very Creator of Light...the Light comes from the darkness not because of Fear of Dark...but to illuminate the darkness so to Speak because Man we live in a day and age where it's all about Broadcasting the best messages in an uncensored way.

Steem On - Cheers to the Life research and Our 24/7 broadcasting here Vibes - #HeavenOnEarth

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