The Sunrise Today

in philippines •  last month

It has been my routine to wake up so early to give the cats some foods and let Lou (one of our cats) to get out of my room. Then, I will go back to sleep and will usually wake up and get out of bed around 6 or before 7 AM.

But today, when I wake up at 4AM and done with my routine, I decided to wait for the sunrise.

I took a photo of the sky at 5:29 AM and it is still quite dark. It was still like a night time such as shown in the photo below.


There were birds singing on that time already. I took another photo at 5:36 AM and the sky was clearer.


At that time, a rooster started crowing. Then I took another photo, the last one at 5:41 AM.


Photos were taken using my mobile phone without flash and edits (aside from the name on it).

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