Top 20 Commented Posts Philippines Tag - December 17, 2017

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Hello Guys, sorry for the delay the latest edition has been delayed for 1 day. I went out yesterday to do some Christmas Shopping, and was planning to post but I was so tired and went directly to sleep, haha. Worry not here is the new edition of Top 20 Commented Posts using the #philippines tag. Let's Start!



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Featured Post and Author

My top post pick from the last edition was - Kids from Children's Joy Foundation Christmas Caroling by @junebride

The post is about Children's Joy Foundation singing Christmas Carols. Reading the post and watching the video made me remember my Elementary, and Preschool days were we go from house to house to go Caroling. It was a nice memory to reminisce. To know more about the post, and hear the awesome Caroling go on and read the awesome post!

junebride   junebride  — Steemit.png

Follow @junebride for more awesome posts!

Honorable Mentions

Second Top Post

@khenbee - YU YU HAKUSHU 😊😊😊

The post is about drawing the characters of Yu Yu Hakushu which is known here in the Philippines as Ghost Fighter. The drawing consists of characters, Urameshi, Hiei, Kuwabara, and Kurama or known here in the Philippines as Eugene, Vincent, Alfred and Dennis. I was amazed at the drawing as I remembered back in my Elementary days I use to draw this characters at the back of my notebooks but my drawings suck! My favorite character is Taguro at 100% o isandaang porsyento lol!

Third Top Post

@leannepaule - AN ANGEL

I can feel the sadness in the post, losing some important to you is really sad, because they were a big part of your life. Their memories will live through and will always be on our hearts. The only thing I can say is Condolence to you and your family.

The Data

Here are the queries to STEEMSQL to generate the Top 20. The data comes from STEEMSQL by @arcange.
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  • posts from the past 48 hours(2 days)

Time Generated: 07:00 PM Sunday, 17 December 2017 (GMT+8)

The Top 20

AuthorPost TitleNumber of Comments
jassennessajExcited Here for Tomorrow's Event! See you Cebuanos for our Life Transforming Gift Giving 2017!18
fernwehninjaSteemph.cebu Gift-Giving update: Grocery shopping and Repacking! Thank you Steemit and Volunteers! <37
elle.laurentSand-tastic Adventure!7
johnwjr7My First Dental Cleaning in the Philippines6
rye05One Photo Every Day (23/365) - Future Artist6
kissnekomimiDid you know whale sharks reach sexual maturity around 30 years old?5
paulthebelovedPhilippine Taxation: Evasion or Avoidance?5
sanuk📷SanukPhoto: Jollibee Inspired Burger Steak5
mignacioSimbang Gabi4
benedict08Early dinner4
johnwjr7Meeting and Marrying my Wife4
epicdominicBitcoin Breaches ₱1,000,000!4
gratefulaynTyphoon Urduja doesn't scare brave Steemians4
shote.saidTV REVIEW: Netflix' Punisher3
maverickinvictusChristmas in Banawen Zambales: Sharing your blessings3
unhorsepower777Sunny Day Photography - One Afternoon in Boracay3
unhorsepower777Photos Around Davao Town3
togel-cs86pizza is my favorite food2

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Wow, thank you very much for doing this it is really a nice initiative. Keep up the good work! I enjoyed reading the Top 20.

Good job! Keep going my dear friend.


It has been a while my friend @nirob, thanks for the comment as always. Have you been busy?


Yeah I'm little bit busy. If you have enough time in your hand check it out my blog friend.

Exciting to see a lot of Filipino bloggers are contributing already! I have also read new names :)


Yes, let us keep supporting them in anyway we can :) . Hopefully more and more Filipinos join Steemit.


I am inviting my friends already. I am just so excited <3

Your great idea help lots of new steemians...thank you from all of us...:)

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