My Story is Already Written

in philippines •  2 years ago 

Today I am blessed, A friend of mine sent me a video of Steven Furtrick and it awakened me, i’m always full of doubt, i’m in fear I am frightened...

God made a way to say this to me,
Goodness and Mercy will follow me...

I am BRAVE in my heart because My story is already written. It is already written, I will move forward in faith because goodness and mercy will follow me.

video from: Preachers Vlog

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God always send us His help...

yes sis

you are always blessed bunso 😘❤️❤️❤️

thanks ate

That moved me!

really worth watching right? thanks for dropping by I was also moved..

You are truly blessed dear... 😘😘😘 and we are blessed too to have you

so sweet naman ate 😊 thank u po

Steven Furtick! His preachings from God are really great! :)

i agree im a catholic yet i also watch his preachings i dont think it matters though

beautiful message:)
Have a lovely weekend sis.


i miss you loads sissy mwuah!!!

God bless you and your wonderful family sis :-)

thanks sis