I 💙 this big #SpecialEnsaymada from @Tiffany's Have a Deliciously Day

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Break fast big special ensaymada tiffany's

The Filipino ensaymada traces its origins to the ensaimada, a traditional yeast bun from Majorca, Spain, made with pork lard and just a hint of sugar on top.
Ensaymada was adapted from the Spanish Ensaïmada but has evolved throughout the years to become what it is now that is loved by many Filipinos.

That soft, sweet bread covered with butter and sugar then topped with lots of grated cheese.
I was surprised at how big (about 4" to 4.5" in diameter)

My kids super enjoy this big ENSAYMADA
very yummy and delicious.



Where you buy?

Bakery / Robinson supermarket
52.00 pesos

Everything they make delicious, authentic and reasonably priced