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RE: Running A Business in the Philippines

It has been said (over and over) that the best way to make a small fortune in the Philippines is to start with a big one! I launched and ran an online business directory for over 2 years, hired a couple salespeople and was making a little money, but not really enough to compensate me for my time and headaches, one of which included the directory becoming a convenient "Target List" used by nefarious characters who made their money through the extortion racket. I eventually shut it down.


when i first arrived in the ph, i was doing websites online at $250 each (for a basic 5-pager). then i started an online gift store which made about $150 a month. i could have grown that into a larger business but i decided to shut it down to make time for the growing youtube channel.

these days, starting a youtube channel has little chance of being worthwhile for real income. it takes a few years to build up an audience and meanwhile provide solid content.

I'm gonna stick my thing out here and defend YT (as fickle as they have become) as a long-term passive source of income. And, in conjunction with Steemit, the blog, Dtube and other online sources, it will just be another source and not the main one. Multiple income streams are the way to go.

I guess i watched one of his youtube video before about becoming a god father here in the philippines.. not sure though if he's the same person..ill verify it