The philippines phenomenal loveteam was my daughter god father

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Good day steemians i just wanted to share you about my daughter having alden richards as her god father. Alden richard faulkerson or the pambansang bae is a good friend of my husband. Thats why he is one of my eldest daughter god father. Why am i posting this? Is it to brag that we have a famous actor as a friend? NO i am posting this for someone to know that despite of his success alden remains humble. Weve been with him for several times on a get together with my husband and alden together with their other friends. And i can say that despite of all of his achievement alden remain so down to earth maybe thats the reason why he was so blessed. 20180214_230903.jpg

The main reason that i post this is to share to others that this person despite of all his achievements remain humble he didnt change. What he is when his not still famous was still the same person up to now that he is a phenomenal star. We maybe know some people who immediately change after having a money or a power. People would be easily been blind by the success they were receiving. People being popular or famous sometimes change thats how power can influence us. Power can change our heart can twist our soul it can sometimes destroy us.

Thank you to @bobiecayao for mentoring me. He is one of the good leaders in #steemunity and one of the supporters of #thaisteemgroup in Thailand.

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Having close family members is important to develop a good support structure

My kumpare alden richards


Pambansang kumare daw ako 😁😊🤣

Swerteee mo te. 😊😂



You are a beauty my dear. And Alden is a handsome chap.

I can image how gorgeous your daughter is. ♥

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Wow thank you so much @surpassinggoogle your always helping us minnows your really such an inspiration more blessings to you sir!

Wow,pambansang inaanak :)


Neat looking guy and always mabango in nature daw :)


Yes thats true napakabango nya po talaga 😚😚😚 and super mabait


Oo nga po pambansang inaanak

Wow! Veryy lucky :) Hehehhehe. Yes its true Alden is very hunble person


Yes sis thats why he deserve all of his blessings