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In the Philippines, street food is known as "pagkaing kalye" and has become a part of the culture and lifestyle of Filipinos. In fact, everyone enjoys eating take out snacks, dumplings and fast food with local flavours.

Street foods here in the Philippines is one of the tourist's attraction. They love it so much. Some street foods are sweet and some are savory. Cooking Philippine street foods mainly involves grilling, steaming and frying. You can see street foods anywhere here in the Philippines and once you taste it, you'll surely say "it's one of the best street food in the world."

Are you now guys craving for street foods after reading this? 😀

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:) i'll take kwek kwek.

Take it all sir 😁

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Done followed you also maam 😊

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I really like the Philipines street food. For a foreigner, it's a little weird when you see it the first time but. It tastes really good.

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Yes sir hehe followed you back sir 😊

Now I'm craving... Lol!! :D

Hahahaha you must buy street foods na maam 😁

I was in the Philippines last year, I really enjoyed their street food

Hehe good to know sir 😊

gutom na aku

Bili na kayo agad street foods bukas sir hahahaha

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This is awesome! I love street food ! Kwek Kwek (chicken), fishballs and tempura.

Same here sir 😉

nagugutom tuloy ako mam! :(

Hehe mapapabili ka na niyan siguro maam 😁


Thanks sir!

Very well documented! 👍 nice work!

Thanks maam! 😉

Would visit Philippine one day... Hopefully, so i can try out the meals

You should sir 😊

I love streetfoods especially pugo, ihaw ihaw and manggang may bagoong💛💛💛

Same here maam hehe kulang na lang ubusin lahat ng tinda nila eh 😂

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Street foods my fav 😀

My fav too sir 😁