Kuya J's Diary Episode 17 - Lifting of the Closed Fishing Season Policy for Sardines in Zamboanga Peninsula, Philippines

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Since I grew up in Zamboanga province, any news relating to my hometown is of interest to me and yesterday I saw on the news about the lifting of the three-month fishing ban in the Zamboanga Peninsula and so I decided to write an article about it.

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Zamboanga City is known as the “Sardines Capital of the Philippines” because it has 12 canning sardines’ factories as well as Dipolog City to be known as “Bottled Sardines Capital of the Philippines” for having 25 flourishing small and large-scale sardines’ enterprises.

The Philippine Fisheries Code of 1998 (see Republic Act 8550, Section 9) implemented through JAO-01 Series 2011 or the so-called Closed Fishing Season Policy for Sardines has been lifted in the waters of Zamboanga peninsula yesterday, March 2, 2018, by the Department of Agriculture’s Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources. The three-month ban on sardine fishing started last December 1, 2017, for the purpose of averting the decline in the volume of sardines.

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Emmanuel Piñol, the secretary of Department of Agriculture, joined the opening ceremony and gave his inspirational message to all the local government units, fisherfolks, and fishing companies in Zamboanga, affirming them of the positive impacts of the closed fishing season policy.

Secretary Piñol said,

There was an increase from 2015 in the catch of Sardinella lemuru (tamban). The catch was 137,142.55 metric tons (MT). It increased to 143, 060 MT in 2016 and in 2017, rose to 152, 283 MT).

It is beneficial to the country because since they started the closed fishing season, the once rare big fish—tuna, salay-salay ginto (scad)—are gradually coming back to the point that even the people in Gen San (General Santos City) are getting their tuna supply from Zamboanga peninsula.

Let’s talk about the impact of this policy

The marine policy for a closed fishing season of sardines in the Zamboanga Peninsula, Philippines is indeed a good management approach to conserve and improve fish stocks and other marine resources. It’s a way to avoid the damaging effect of overfishing and overexploitation of the country’s fisheries like the extinction of important fish species and significant economic losses. Though seasonal closure has negative impacts in terms of volume of sardine harvest/production as well as on the level of employment among workers during the three months fishing ban, still the implementation of such policy sustains both ecosystem function and livelihood.

Also, based on the results of the given by the researchers in this policy, after the three months fishing ban, obviously the fishing folk’s operators exhibited growing volume of sardine catch and the canning and bottling processors showed the increasing volume of production and rising number of workers. The level of employment of the canning and bottling companies exceeded the highest level of employment during the policy implementation and the volume of sardines and the production are expected to surpass the previous peaks of the coming years. Hence, closed fishing season policy has improved society's welfare.


In summary, such implementation was not an effective and successful one if not the support and cooperation of the major stakeholders especially the fishermen, the sardine companies, the sufficient funding of the government and the way of enforcing and implementing of such policy.
I look forward to the following months as to how effective this policy and how long can it sustain and provide in the economy of the Philippines in terms of sardines production.

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Thank you for your time reading this and please look forward to my next episode. If you enjoyed it, you might also like to read my other posts on the link provided below.

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I always assumed Gen San is the sardine capital.. lol.. learned a lot from this article. I admire the iniative of the government. I always brag about the fresh seafood sold in Pagadian’s market.


Bulad Capital of the Philippines ang Pagadian. haha. rowts ra btaw. hehe
glad you like my blog. just saw the news lang man gud then did a little research. hehe

Awesome story @iamkuyaj. I do want to learn more about your home town and the Philippines. The most interesting posts to me were the posts about the water but this is close. Over fishing is not just a problem it is detrimental to near future ecosystems and human lives. I hope this law is enforced. If will provide that there will be fish in the future.

I pray for wisdom and grace to manage the waters of the Philippines.


thank you for your kind words @mineopoly. 😊

our country have many problems and is still developing but i am proud that the recent administration are doing progress compared to the past administrations and are not only focus on economic growth but as well as the welfare of our natural resources.
as you know, our country are very rich in natural resources probably the richest in asia but because of corruption and exploitation many years ago, we fell down to the bottom.

anyways, thank you for your prayer @mineopoly.

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thank you @steemph.iligan :)
i'm really grateful.

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