Unspoiled Beach= Unspoiled Fun

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Pagudpud is one of the northernmost towns in mainland Philippines, famous for its white sand beaches.


It is a preferred destination of tourists who want a peaceful yet quality time with friends and family at the beach. It doesn't have expensive water activities and noisy bars, hence, not too touristy.

Across its coast is an array of windmills.

Here's a couple having fun under the sun; enjoying the sand and the sea.

Look at that clear blue skies and torquoise blue water!

When it gets too hot, coconut trees on the shore provide some shade.

Enjoy taking awesome jump shots..

and amazing golden hour photos!

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Wow!!!! :D

The philippines looks so beautiful! These pictures make me want to visit so bad!

First-hand experience is always better than pictures.. Pls do visit if u get the chance! :-)

@elle.laurent maka-proud. Love it fret!

Thanks sa constant support ninu ni @junvebbei hahaha

wonderfull!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! excellent photography.I like is so much.thanks @elle.laurent

I'm glad u like it @ziaur :-)