W.H.O is China's spoke person.

in #philippines4 months ago

At first W.H.O. tell us that the Corona Virus or Covid19 is nothing to worry about since it has no evidence of human to human transmission.

Then at the mid of February, when the world start to panic and China itself cancelled local flight going in and out to Wuhan. W.H.O. say it nothing to worry and asked nation from around the world not to cancel flight to China since Chinese government have managed it well.

W.H.O. Chief also priese China of containing the Virus not considering lies behind it. Health that silenced, people body left to dead on the high street and all the lies China has.

And now W.H.O. ranting about politics and body bag. Isn't it there job to prevent this pandemic and not creating one.

The question is how much money China have given to this crooks in W.H.O including there especial spoke person, W.H.O chief.

W.H.O. shall be abolish as soon as possible since they're not helping anymore. Remember the artificial pandemic they created many years ago.

Perhaps, it would be fair filling mass murder against W.H.O. and China on international court.

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