The Other Side of Independence Day | My Dark Thoughts!

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Today we Filipino celebrates the Independence Day of our country the Philippines. I didn't have any idea what to blog about this day since some of my fellow Filipinos and Cebuanos posted already about what's with the Independence Day. It came up in my mind, the negative and dark reality of my country. There were many thoughts that I found interesting to share and somehow also connected to the event.

Dark Thoughts

If we are free, we may no longer be importing and export-oriented (Import Dependent and Export Oriented) to lift our economy. Hopefully, we will be able to deny the surplus of other wealthy nations to develop our own industries because of our country's talents we can afford to develop if there is enough support from our government. Hopefully, we are free to taste the freshness of our products from the Philippines that we are in buying the second-rate products thrown abroad by us.

If we are free, the government may be free to prevent and control oil companies in a row and inexpensive price increases. The government may also be free to budget the basic needs of the people of the country. We shouldn't let our countrymen gamble overseas just to sustain the needs of his/her family.

If we are free, we may be able to talk to other countries without the need for a back-up from the USA that we can not determine whether our friends or our enemies. Hopefully, we can punish criminal foreigners who are hiding in our country without expecting to break any relationship that exists between our countries.

If we are free, all citizens will have access to quality education. Students who may choose the course they think will contribute to the development of the people and not the enhancement of in-demand courses in foreign companies and markets. Hopefully, the children of the poor will not be forced to drop out if the government is free to provide the highest priority in education.

If we are free, the peasants may not be hungry because the government would find a way to confiscate so many expanse lands to use for those people striving for poverty. Hopefully, the government will increase the workers' wages that may reduce the number of the millions of capitalists but may also reduce the number of hungry people.

If we are free, any disease will no longer be a problem because the government is free to allocate budgets to develop our rich knowledge of organic and herbal medicine that is inherently natural to us rather than the people who are treating the drug others are banned from abroad due to adverse side effects but we still enjoy them because of the big foreign investment companies in our country.

We are not free at all!

Freedom is not only measured if everyone freely expresses the attitude, choose what she wants to wear and watch. Freedom can't be weighed on wearing flag-dress or a map of the Philippines or our heroes. Freedom is not something we can freely enjoy. Freedom has been paid by our ancestors then but we continue to fight today. Because freedom is not just the freedom to do what we want or think we want for ourselves. Freedom is being free to do what is necessary and appropriate for the people and the country.

I didn't mean to ruin your Independence Day and I don't want to argue with some of you. I just wanted to share my thoughts and realizations. I am still proud to say that I am a Filipino and I love my country the Philippines. If you want to know the facts and information (perhaps the positive) about this day please visit @zam398's blog about The Philippine Independence Day. Please comment down below your thoughts and opinions about this day, it would be great to hear your voice!

Happy Independence Day Everyone!

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Reference: Kamalayang Nanay


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Pag ingon ug dark thoughts, ambot nganong lain na sulod sa akong mind. LOL! Very well said @carlitojoshua. Nice photos pa jud!

haha unsay na sulod sa hunahuna ate? HAHA anyways thank you :* @fotografia101

Great article Carl. Two contrasting idea nato heheh. Thank you for promoting ❤️

salamat :D By the Way wala nako gi tuyo ug contrast imohang blog kuya @zam298 ha hahha kanang imoha lang gyud akong nakit an nga nice blog about independence day :D

You're very thoughtful carlito :) hahahahha, teach me senpai how to be an excellent blogger ,HAHAHAHHA!!

Char thanks bai! Makaflatter hahaha anyways. Kannag pag suwat lang gud hahaha ma excellent ra nya ka😄😂.
Ps. Unsay excellent oy haha nga tama lang hahahhaha

tagai niya ko tips unsaon paghimo ing ani nga article dzong.. you have a worthy idea about independence day:)

na flatter ko lol. hahaha thanks ate @orhem