Sometimes we need to remind ourselves of history.

just resteemed your post, to get more audience :)

Thanks. It seems that there's a problem with steemit right now. Ano sa tingin mo?

ok naman so far, depende siguro sa speed ng internet

I mean the steemit itself, rewards are drastically dropping.

ah see, im used to it :) now can be adjusted to whatever percent you want to vote so that decreases the reward given to your post. even if you have 300 plus votes but they only voted 20% of their power then reward is minimal.. sometimes i get lucky others give their 100%..

Thats why i dont like the vote slider. A vote is a vote, why adjust its weight? If a person like the post or not, its just simple, vote or dont vote.

@juvyjabian you have a point and its actually a good argument bro.
i think you should write something about it to let the devs know i will resteem it once you post the article.
maybe we can find some answers and detailed sense from it :)

Yeah, I will because I believe we were fooled by the media kasi puro n lang negative ang sinasabi nila tungkol s martial law, halatang may tinatakpan.