Songs and movies; movies and songs - just three?

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I keep on saying that I don't "do" contests; and then I do. I claim I'm not competitive; by and large I am not, but I do admit to being happy to win - when it happens. So let me declare again that I don't participate to win, but rather because the topic resonates for me. It also means that I won't don't always follow the rules as @zord189 discovered when he wanted just one song. He got this.

Considering the instructions

They are simple

The Topic For This Round Is…Movie Tunes
Create a blog post with your top 3 nominations along with your reasoning behind them.

I looked carefully: there is no small print

Given that I went a little OTT with the Songs of (my) Life, not only do I have a standard to maintain, but I really had a very difficult time picking my top three. I've gone round in circles, this post has brewed, grown, been pruned and I'm sure that when I'm done I will still find that I've got others that I've missed.

There are tunes from movies that have stuck with me over the years - for many different reasons. Some of them are entire soundtracks. Soundtracks I knew word for word: before ever seeing the film. Yes, I mean film. I'll begin with these.

The Sound of Music

As a child, I loved Julie Andrews: she was my hero and she sang like an angel. One of my favourite records (yes...there I go again...) was an album of beautiful Christmas carols. Ermm...I digress... I cannot remember the first time I saw The Sound of Music, but I do know that I knew every song, and when I saw them on celluloid, they developed new meaning. All of them.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

This 1975 film was banned in Souh Africa for years, but as teenagers we managed to find and listen to the soundtrack ad nauseum. I loved the melodies and the rhythm, but at 13, from an ultra conservative home, I really had not the slightest inkling of what the film was about. It was something I learned by osmosis over the years. It's a film I have never seen, but I have seen a couple of stage adaptations, including one here in McGregor. All the more memorable because of the cast - and their real life personalities. Nobody will ever be able to "do" a better Frankenfurter.

The final soundtrack in my selection of three, is -


The storyline of that 1978 film resonated for the then 16-year old Fiona, and the music was a combination of 70's pop and 60's rock and roll with the odd ballad chucked in for good measure. Brilliant. At least two songs from this soundtrack feature in Songs of (my) Life...

No, I'm not done yet:


I think we all have, or have had, our James Bond phases. Depending on one's gneration, one has a one and only Bond. My only Bond is Roger Moore. I don't really like what's happened to the genre; perhaps I'm old fashioned but I don't like the introduction of the gratuitous violence. Quantum of Solace: just no. Daniel Craig: just no. But there have been some billiant theme tunes. Some memorable for the films, others for different reasons.

Three, no four, I just really love. The first two I have seen - as home movies * on a Sunday evening at boarding school. The other two: I have no idea. I think I have, but hey, the formula is such that well, the story is largely inconsequential.

Rita Coolidge – "All Time High" Octopussy

Carly Simon – "Nobody Does It Better"

Sheena Easton - For your eyes only
This 1981 song evokes fabulous memories of university, people places, loves...not...

Golden Eye - Tina Turner

I am a huge Tina Turner fan. My ex-husband loathed her and when she came to South Africa, I was going to the show. Come hell or high water. This was her opening song. Need I say more?

Other random movie songs that just can't be ignored

Also in that post to which I keep referring, are other of of my favourite movie tunes. Memorable for the movies as much as for the periods in my life when I saw them: Blondie's Heart of Glass from American Gigolo, and, actually, I should have included the entire soundtrack of Fame, and I did not mentioned, but which would have been apt in ***that *** post, is Irene Cara's Out there on m own.

These two deserve special mention. They speak for themselves.

Streets of Philadelphia - Bruce Springsteen 1993

Madonna - This used to be my Playground 1992

Last, but not least, my top 3

The third place is a tie: two very poignant songs - one from the seventies, from the musical, Hair, and which until I did my research for this post, I didn't know, had been voted best song in 1979. Like Rocky Horror it was banned in South Africa and I only saw it in 1981 or 1982. When it was released, it was cut to shreds.

Easy to Be Hard - Hair
I will never forget this scene in the film, and I still get cold shivers when I hear the song - as I did the other day, when I heard it on the radio.

As an aside, John Savage , who played Claude, in the film, spent some time in Johannesburg, South Africa, in the 80's and I had a little to do with him because of my involvelment with the street children movement. Lovely, unassuming man.

Tie with this is
Calling You - Bagdad Cafe
This 1987 film arrived in South Africa in 1988. I was living in Johannesburg at the time (when I was working with street children and met John Savage) and this film made an enormous impression on me - as did actress CCH Pounder - a story of healing and friendship - unexpected. And the fellowsip of women.

Second place is also a tie. The first, because that opening scene is one that is memorable for all the right reasons, including this song. The rest of the movie? Well, it's a chick flick, but not up there with the best. But this Righteous Brothers' song....well, it has a life way beyond this movie.

Unchained Melody - Ghost

You make me feel like a Natural Woman - The Big Chill
Carole King's song, from the Tapestry album is one of her best. However, no more apt than when it is carefully placed in this film. The Big Chill has to be one of those timeless films that resonates for people who've had any real life, and relationship, experience. And deep (or not) friendships.

The Number One

The top of the three has simply got to be Bohemian Rhapsody. It continues to "live", and more than just survive, succeeding generations of music genres. It's featured in two films, including the eponymous Queen biopic (which I cannot wait to see, but living in the boondocks....), which is testimony to the gigantic talent and brilliance, not just of Freddie Mercury, but the ensemble that made Queen, Queen.

A last word (or three)

Thank you very much to @curie for supporting this contest.

Thank you to the @phc3 team for the inspiration.

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Unchained Melody!! My, yes! I wasn't a huge fan of the movie, but, the song lives forever and Queen? Oh, bring me back a little Freddie Mercury!

Such fun!

Going to list top 3 of your many great selections above Fiona, some movies stick in our memories having affected us in one way or another.

Streets of Philadelphia - Bruce Springsteen - Sad in how hopeless drug addiction had taken lives so swiftly, I don't think many realized the scourge to follow with the drugs coming into modern day living.

Unchained Melody - Righteous Brothers Hauntingly beautiful song, romantic movie and music, great selection.

Golden Eye - Tina Turner Powerful woman I have always enjoyed her powerful singing voice, this epic movie soundtrack really slotted in well.

Tried to select slightly away from my normal favorites of Queen, Rocky Horror who went on into the halls of fame....

That post you referenced with all of the songs woven in was one of the first of your blogs that I ever read when I first joined PHC! I enjoyed it very much, just as I enjoyed this one! It really is tough to narrow down, but you made some awesome selections. I'm pleased to see Unchained Melody, and totally agree. The rest of the movie was just ok, but that scene with that song was quite memorable. The Big Chill is a great film, and that song absolutely timeless. Ahh, Queen. I grew up with both parents as big fans, so all of their music just sounds like home to me. This has been such a great topic, so I'm glad it resonated so well that you share extra for us to be entertained by!

Queen! What would we do without Queen? Glad you enjoyed @plantstoplanks!

Wow what a list! Wonderful and beautiful and awesome! Love your post and your choices. I know if I wasn't on the panel, my list would be just like this, kind of like a multiple choice kind of thing, but I gotta set an example :P

So now I am playing this list and listening as I go about my day, enjoying the awesome tunes you shared! A little piece of you in my day ;)

What a lovely thing to say! I hope that some of them make you happy.... Some make me happy, others sad... Happy day to you :D

I had forgotten about the one song, Streets of Philadelphia. Love that song and it does give that sad feeling. I enjoyed all the songs here. Music is to be appreciated in this case ^_^

wow - lots of songs! Have to listen as I am steeming :)
And I am glad that you do participate in contests. YOU got 2 SBI from the last Garden Corner and the new one is up (late since I am traveling and internet and time have been scarce)

Thanks, I will check it out! Safe travels!

Hey @fionasfavourites

I'm so glad this post has been recognised for its quality. You really have put so much of you effort and emotion into it. It's outstanding.

Some phenomenal music in your list that all clearly means something. If we made an example entry for the competition it would look something like this! Really experiences, really choices, beautifully written.

Just make sure you give us three clear choice for your nominations! 😂

Well done, Fiona.

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Thank you very much, Gaz.

If we made an example entry for the competition

You make me blush!

Just make sure you give us three clear choice for your nominations


  1. Bohemian Rhapsody
  2. You make me feel like a natural woman
  3. Unchained Melody.

Don't ask me tomorrow - they may be different 😂😂😂😂

lol. I know the feeling! 😁

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We absolutely LOVE your enthusiasm for the current theme! So many great choices, so thank you for sharing an entire play list to keep us entertained. That being said for the dpoll purposes we are taking the last 3 you mentioned (Unchained Melody, You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman, & Bohemian Rhapsody) to keep your amount of entries equal to everyone else. ;) If you'd prefer a different polling selection, make sure to let us know.


PHC Top 3 - Blog Header Image.png

Hahahaha! I might need a reminder to pay up - I will put it in my diary! LOL. And as for your selection, I'll go with those, although, that Bagdad Cafe song.... lol That would make @wales happy ;)
Only kidding!

Dang it! I knew I should've checked first - I've been a bit tip happy these days... 😂

Let's try this again... !tip

Awesome choices @fionasfavourites. I went all of those directions. LOL

YAY!!!!! Congrats on hitting your four week goal, @fionasfavourites! Thanks in return for inspiring me to keep going - speaking of, I still need to get my post for today up...LOL!

Awesome contest entry as well, and something else I need to get done too. 😊

Look forward to that!

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Thank you so much, and for my personalised gif xxx

I like all of these, but my favourite is Bagdad Cafe, I'm calling you, love that one

It was really difficult choosing. I'm calling you - beautiful, haunting...

We are SO proud to have you as a member of our
FANTABULOUS Power House Creatives family!
uvoted and/or resteemed!

❤ MWAH!!! ❤

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Well it is amazing how many hits the James Bond series did produce! It is like a hit printing machine!

Yes they are. And amazing how so many of them echo the same riff...

Hi, @fionasfavourites!

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I really like the list especially there's bruce springsteen :)

Oh yes! Thank you!

You have done excellent selections here @fionasfavourites good luck. 🤞

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Thank you so much @wonderwop and for the resteem!

Looks like you are really getting into it and such a variety of tunes.

You look really organized and Virginia sounds like a great place to live.
I like your clothes. Sometimes I can't get dtube to play on my computer but no problems today.

@rebeccabe I think you meant this comment for @old-guy-photos? lol

Me, Virginia, clothes, D-tube? I don't think so 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Posted using Partiko Android

How in the world? lol
I sometimes have more than one screen open. sorry :)
I am sure your clothes look nice. He did a Dtube showing some of the clothes he ordered.

Hahaha! I know he did which is why I tagged him. As for my clothes, my kitchen attire...well...let's just say, that's why I wear them when I am cooking. Lol

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I almost selected the Sound of Music for one of my choices, but ultimately, it's just not a favorite for me. It resonates with my childhood...but I don't find myself thinking, man, I sure want to hear that raindrops on roses song...

Great choices overall though!

Bwahaha! Raindrops on roses...some of my favourite things... I am with you, totally. But tell me it, or some of the other songs don't jump into your head when you least expect it? But yes, that's precisely why it wasn't in my top 3. Besides it's a sound track. Not just one song

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Oh, it jumps in there all right! Quite randomly too! Sound tracks really are great. I think life should come with a sound track - and a theme song for each person!!

Well, there's a contest topic!

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Oh, my goodness! I just played some of the Sound of Music songs in the Lunchtime Party I play for myself since I have started working. It really made me smile knowing I wasn't the only one who like the movie and its songs.

I don't have a lot of favorite songs, I just enjoy most of it. I may use your list for today's Lunchtime Party!

Yes, with pleasure @xcountytravelers! What's a Lunchtime Party? Sounds like an excellent idea!

ooooh Streets of Philadelphia... that is a really good one :)
What a great list, no wonder you couldn't decide hahaha
I had the same problem so I had to narrow it down to movies that were so so but came out with gems in the soundtrack department :)

All the best with the challenge <33

Awesome list, additions and of course, Number one .love that song

Awesome! Thanks for sending over your entry fee, just letting you know that I've added you in with your nominations now!

Good luck and keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming dpoll between 16th - 18th where we put it to the public vote and let the Steem community decide their top 3 :)


If there is a PHCTop3 hall of fame, you have just entered it! In fact, I'm making one right now. 😂

Great Job.


PHC Top 3 - Blog Header Image.png


Wahahaha! Hall of Fame? Now there's a thing. Never been in one of those, let alone a first! LOL

Thanks, Gaz

We have launched the dpoll and here is the link: dpoll

Don’t forget to vote and tell your friends too. Best of luck.

The PHC Top 3 Team

PHC Top 3 - Blog Header Image.png

Ah, yes. Post already resteemed. Voting is on the to do list today, when I am actually in front of my laptop. That hasn't happened since Thursday!

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Ah, yes. Post already resteemed. Voting is on the to do list today, when I am actually in front of my laptop. That hasn't happened since Thursday!

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