My Nominations for the PHC Top 3 Monthly Contest - Road Trip Songs

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This is my entry into this month’s PHC Top 3 contest.

This months topic is Road Trip Songs

Nomination 1

George Michael - Jesus to a Child

I picked this one because it reminds me of @cheese4ead and my road trip to the south of France in early 2000's. We were driving on the coastal road after visiting St Tropez and the sun was setting. A great moment that we will both never forget.

Nomination 2

Coldplay - Clocks

This brilliant track brings back memories of a different French road trip. A few years later; after @mono.rosado was born, we were driving back up through France heading to Reim/Troyes. As we came over the tip of a hill the beautiful view opened up. A few seconds later dark clouds appeard and a huge storm broke out and the thunder and rain came. Clocks was the music playing at the time and still is one of my favourite tracks, ever!

Nomination 3

Duran Duran - Rio

There isn't one specific moment for this track rather one of the most played from my favourite ever band. This is such an awesome, happy, sing-a-long, road trip type song. I know that when we are driving along, it envairiably comes on and our little family starts singing to it.

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Now all I want to do is road trip across France. :) Nice choices yet again, and even nicer memories! Hope you guys are making even more fantastic memories on your current trip. Glad you were still able to enter for the month!

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George Michael came up with some amazing ballads and this is another one of them. Can imagine the road trip you and Gaz did now- perfect for sunset!

Clocks is such an iconic one from Coldplay and it sounds like it has pinpointed a pretty powerful memory with your other French road trip. Must have been surreal to have such a great view and then a massive storm!

I was thinking of putting Rio in one of my top 3 as well - Duran Duran had such amazing tracks, the energy of this one is so good and it takes me back to the North Island when I was travelling earlier in the year!

Great choices and good luck for the contest, I've logged these in our favourite spreadsheet :D


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Sweet nominations! I definitely like the 2nd one. Love how the first two are part of special moments. :)

We have launched the dpoll and here is the link: dpoll

Don’t forget to vote and tell your friends too. Best of luck.

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