My Nominations for the PHC Top 3 Monthly Contest - Kids TV Shows

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This is my entry into this month’s PHC Top 3 contest.

This months topic is Kids TV Shows

NoNominationMy Reasons for the Nomination
1Diff'rent Strokes was one of the first American TV shows that captured the imagination of a young UK audience. Gary Coleman's catchphrase "What you talkin bout Willis?" was iconic and used around the playground at school
2Definitely one of my earlier childhood memories. I loved Posie and Pootle, they were so cute. I remember my mum cutting out two rings of cardboard and giving me a ball of cream coloured wool, so I could attempt to make my very own Pootle. But I couldn't get the nose right :( Which was actually quite important because without it Pootle is just a small pom pom! 😂
3This is my early teens. I was consumed with favourite bands and music and pop videos. It was popular to listen to the top 40 music charts on a sunday. Recording your favourites on cassette tape. Then VHS video cassette was invented and with the rise of MTV and pop videos. Smash Hits and Look In magazines to get the latest posters. Any photos or videos you could get hold of. Catching your favourite bands on TV became the priority. Saturday Superstore gave you access to all of these things. Phone ins, live performances and general interaction with your idols. I personally sat there stopping and starting the record button to get exactly the footage I wanted but also because it was too expensive to record the lot.

Diff'rent Strokes Intro

Diff'rent Strokes - Gary Coleman "What you talkin bout Willis?"

The Flumps intro

Saturday Superstore Intro

Saturday Superstore A-Ha

Those are my nominations. I hope you enjoyed then.

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Ahh, Diff'rent Strokes! Awesome choice! I remember watching that one, as well. The Flumps look so cute, as well. I could totally see liking that one as a child. And of course any show that brings together all the latest music and pop icons is a young person's dream show! Oh the days of trying to record on VHS... ;)

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Thank you for consistently bringing some great choices to the contest! We can't wait to get these up on the poll to see how the voting goes! You never know which ones will strike a chord with the hearts of the masses. ;)


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