After 4 years, my rescue dachshund finally is jumping up on my lap.

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Von was badly beaten as a puppy in Texas. I rescued him, intending to rehome him; as we have done many times. However, when he got here, I realized that he was too damaged to adopt out.

After carefully petting and reassuring him, with plenty of food used to bribe him; he decided that he would try my lap!
Initially, he was ready to jump and run; in case I decided to beat him.

Months later he has become more comfortable:
He now sleeps so soundly that his head slides down the arm of the chair, as he melts! Resulting in a 'noodle nose' that looks uncomfortable, but doesn't interrupt his sleep.

Closer look at the nose:
It does reduce his snoring, and he's open to scratching now. In my another few years, he may become a normal dog; and I intend to find out!

With all the Dachshunds we have rescued, we have kept 3; and they have always been fun. Each one has a different personality, and this one sings high tenor, LOL! He began singing to the theme song 'happy trails to you' at the end of the Roy Rogers show one night. It is still his favorite....



Cuddles 🐈 and chuckles. 😂

Thanks! He is fun when he sings...he really gets into it! He is happy now, and it's good to see....


Wonderful! My Wife has a 14 year Old Min Pin who, if I go near Her, Growls at me! At night, he sleeps on my arm.

It would be fun to know what they're thinking, but nothing is sweeter than a sleeping puppy!


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