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RE: Herbal Flea & Tick & Insect Repellent Spray For Pets (and people)

in #pets3 years ago

We use something similar to this now but I may give this a shot with mine. May try to spray it on heavy with a backpack sprayer for my cows also. Never know till you try. Thanks..


I always feel so bad for cows and horses when I go past a field and you can see the bugs attacking them. I just want to stand there swatting for them. Good luck - I hope it helps them!

We also set out dark blue 5 gallon pails sprayed with a product called tangle foot to catch deer flies and other nasties. The dark colour attracts them and the spray makes them stick to the pail. We catch a lot of biters this way without using chemicals. So far it's never caught a bee or friendly bug (this was my biggest worry).

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