Heartless Person(s) Dump Dog Stuffed In Trash Bag Outside Shelter

in pets •  3 months ago

I often wonder how some can have the heart, or the lack of, to do such horrible things.

Upon looking at the pictures of these poor and innocent dogs, my heart sank. Instantly reaching for my chest, where my heart sits, as if it were these poor little creatures.

It is no secret that I have an enormous amount of love and appreciation for all living creatures. Seeing this poor dog so malnourished, lying there, looking hopeless and weary really does bring you to an emotional state of mind. The first picture is Hope and the male tied to the pole is Triumph.

The kicker to this story is that another dog was found close-by. Another boxer tied up to a pole in very weak condition. Although this boxer was able to stand, he was barely able to use his back legs.

Hope had an infection on her elbow, and staff members at the animal hospital also discovered masses on her brain and adrenal glands.

Triumph was diagnosed with muscle atrophy and it's presumed that this was caused by being locked in a cage too small for his size.


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That makes me so mad. I can’t even imagine what kind of an excuse for a human thinks that’s okay.

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I can't imagine what kind of human could treat a dog — a living, feeling creature — so callously and carelessly. The heartlessness of it is extremely distressing and disturbing. What has humanity come to?

These people make me furious, how can they let an animal suffer. they need to be tied up and neglected themselves.

This is so horrible poor dogs have no reason to be mistreated this way. I hope they get the owner and punish them with the absolute toughest laws. Sad to see this, hopefully they will be able to help both dogs and they wind up in a good home.

People who is cruel towards animals, should be sentence to jail for a long time.