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I take this as a secret plea for cat pictures but refuse to admit it.

I won’t let you down though.


Don’t you hate when you can’t get a pussy out the pants.

I got 2 cats and manatee (sea cow), married the latter.

One cat. Today, the cat played with a dead mouse on the lawn in our backyard. Then it proceeded to eat the front end of it. After quickly gobbling it up, the back end of the mouse was left on the lawn. I picked it up with a shovel and put it in the compost.


Gosh cats in my area are too well-fed with synthetic cat foods to bother catching mice, now rats and mice are a big havoc in my place, good for you.

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No... my kids want a Golden Retriever though

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He said, "they're gross", but .... look at those eyes.!!

Apparently... I love cats
They're so graceful

im ok with dogs or cats, but nothing special

NO i don't and i know you don't like cats.


I thought you like cats?

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It's hard to take care other creature before I'm well for myself. So for good sake, I prefer not to do it

Hi! I do not have pets, but previously I had a cute bunny


Hi! I do not have
Pets, but previously I
Had a cute bunny

                 - marisenpai

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


Hola @haikubot, me encontraste :')


I hAve A jellycat bunny, it's cute

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Yes they are!

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My cat is not gross. Its does its business outside and comes back in the house. Plus it hates everyone but loves me! Best cat ever!

I don’t have any at home. However, we are taking care of homeless one. She is too wild to be home, but at the same time she is too good to us not to be taken care of.
That’s her:

Cats are love , Why you don't love them ?


They're creepy.

Yup, got a cat. Btw off topic but what’s your take on Steem-ua?


I like it, but as i've told @scipio, the ridiculous weight given to witnesses needs to be addressed.


Has he given any justification for it?


Is it only for the top 100 witnesses? Or anyone who is witness?

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Can I get a witness?


Most likely not

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no cats or dogs for me

had a cockatiel years ago, was a cute little guy, was not afraid of us, would chill on me all the time

looked like this guy

I don't have any pet, too


To the question in your title, my Magic 8-Ball says:

Outlook good

Hi! I'm a bot, and this answer was posted automatically. Check this post out for more information.


Wow your reputation

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I am Extremely PET Lover, & I usually spend my spare time with my cats.

A cat + a birb. It's a good combination.

Cats are amazing, I'd say, just as all animals are. Even humans :) The problem with cats is that they're just damned efficient when it comes to hunting. Birds, small mammals and lizard / amphibian populations get decimated when there are too many cats around. Which obviously isn't good. I believe a village / town in New Zealand is even intending to ban owning them as pets in the not-so-distant future as their native wildlife populations are suffering.

I used to have two cats as a kid (well my sisters did): Topsy (named after a character from the Topsy & Tim books my sister was reading) and Shirley (from Topsy's first litter of kittens and the only one we couldn't give away. She was as black as the ace of spades and my father liked Shirley Bassey....). Though they're both long dead now, they had amazing personality. The best part being they'd have a 'mad half hour' every evening. They'd suddenly go pyscho chasing anything (mainly each other) that moved. Thankfully, for the sake of the living room curtains, it was only really this time of the day that they ran up and down them.

Where bigger cats are concerned, I just read that lions get to have sex up to 50 times a night according to google (I'm sure I learnt it was more like upto 200 times a night when I studied them at university). So there are worse animals to come back as should you get the chance?

Their shit really can stink though, I have to admit.

I don't have it, but I like dog like this :



Seems like a creature who knows how to enjoy life. I want one too. Or three. Ugh.

When i was a kid , we had fishes, chickens but now they are all gone, we also had sheep too.

I have a cat and just yesterday he turned a roll of toilet paper into a pile of confetti and made himself a nest and slept. My cat is not a good kitty but I love him anyways.

I have no pets, people spend more money on pet food then feeding the poor. I consider most pet owners as borderlining on animal abuse simply by owning one and being negligent. I do like cats though! -except when they eat birds and I don't like litter boxes

We had dog, but now we don't have any.


Movie title? I would like to watch this


I'm afraid I don't know, I only know it as a meme. :)


Yes i have!!

Do you have some ?

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Aila and Rocky



We just got this sweet puppy last week. Gigi needs lots of upvotes cause she is cuter than any pet on this thread.

I got a cat but i am defo more of a dog person

I don´t agree with you, they are very different from dogs, and I´m assuming you have or had a dog before.
Dogs are very friendly and sweet, but, on the contrary cats show and are very individual and don´t make you feel the center of the world.

Personally, right now I only got 2 dogs, but I really miss my cat...

Yes, two cats. You say you don't have any cats. But what pets do you have?

I have a miniature pinscher. ITS so pretty

I'm allergic myself...
to cats that is. LOL

yes. I have cats. They're cool.

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cats, dogs, tropical fish, & ducks


Dogs over cats

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You got very bad impression about cats because if your bad experience with them?!
Just like people, there are nice and not so nice people.
I have got three cats and three kittens, the mother cat was a stray cat.

We had 1 cat. An orphan one. We raised it. Later it was killed by a dog. We gave her kittens for adoption.

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We had a dog then he bit a vagrant who came to lurk around in the backyard so we had to put him down sadly

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We have 11 dogs in all sizes and really love our herd...

Two kids are enough, worse than any pets, lol.

Yes, I have only my imaginary pet, a cute red panda. ^^


Por supuesto que si, Se llama princesa

My son has a rabbit, that it our only pet. We have had a dog whom passed away to early. We do get terrorised by cats of neigbours in our garden, and I really hate that..

No, i have no pets. But i love cats. They are so cute.


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Hey bernie why dont u wrap some barbedwire around your fist and jam it up your autistic anus.


Dogs rule cats drool

No, my wife doesn’t like any pets

I dont like cats too... Lazy animal and it looks scary at night. I have a dog but i wont call it a pet.
I would prefer to call it a HOSTAGE, as it is always locked up in the cage and released at night for security