Russia And Venizuela To Create Their Own Crypto Currency.

in #petro3 years ago

It's amazing how fast cryto currency market is changing more so nationally
now that Venezuela is creating their own crypto currency to circumvent US suctions
this has been essentially been seen as a very threatening move by critics who are are to watch the people die of hunger .

All the same president Maduro is not backing off he is ready to make sure he see through his plan buy pass the US dollar despite all the sanctions from the west .Now the Venezuela is ready to launch PETRO their new crypto currency.

Russia on the other hand are announced that they will be creating their own crypto currency called the Cryptorubble that will be used to bypass US sanctions , plus the swift system that is use to pay for oil and other commodities for Russia .

The US economy is and will continue to get wicker if the geo political rules keep on getting weaker.

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