Meet Simon the Neighbourhood Cat.

in petphotography •  4 months ago

This is one of the biggest cats I have ever met in my life and I have fondled some pretty big cats.

In the circle park near my family's house is a bench. It's a quiet bench with with a couple big trees, bushes and some flowers. I sometimes find my self sitting here in the morning or at odd times during the day. One morning I met this cat, his name is Simon and I know his phone and address, it's on his collar.

Simon just sauntered over like the king of the park. From a distance in the morning sun I thought at first it was a raccoon because there are many in this area. As I took out my phone to get a few photos it became evident this was a monster of cat. Just huge, I'm sure raccoons are smaller.

He is just fearless and super affectionate. You can tell he comes from a good home and trusts people. Or maybe he was just looking for snack. His fur was soft and shiny even though he enjoyed rolling around on the dusty ground at my feet begging for attention.

I will pet cats I meet outside but I won't pick them up. I only pick up pets of owners I know just a safety thing and a way to give the animal some respect. Luckily Simon jumped up on the bench beside me. This guy takes up more space than I do and has the uncanny ability to make himself at home in just mere seconds. A true talent for any wanderer.

And that's my PetPhotgraphy post. Hope you enjoyed. Any Simon's in your neighbourhood?

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ermagherd, so cyooooot. reminds me of my former Mr Wilson, but with a longer snout (pics on my blog X10 posts - past payout) :P

moved on to Ms Phoenix now ( 2 posts - active)

Looks very attractive and beautifull cat i likes it

Simple Simon says "Hello, Kitty".
What's with the grouchy look?

Cool, now I know his name is Simon. He came to you and jumped on the bench because he saw you taking his seat lol. You can see it in his eyes. Cats are territorial by nature.


I often see him hunting moles at night and bugs and birds in the day. For such a hefty cat he sure can move .

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