RIPAC launches Crypto Petitioner - The alternative volunteerism for objective change.

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Cryptocurrency arguably creates a Universal Basic Income, which is both anarcho-capitalist, as well as having a socialist philisophical foundations. With new technology making possible cryptocurrency's high yielding investment programs (HYIP), we are able to trade investments in multiple HYIP programs, moving money from new top project to new top project. One can create a Universal Basic Income (UBI) from crypto currency and give the rest towards helping society 100%.

This is how all good people do well for one another, by helping others. We need to be responsible to fix society, just as volunteer petitioners are responsible semaritans, so are crypto enthusiasts. We want to help you learn the direct marketing secrets of a professional petitioner, and apply it to residual income developing digital currency investments.

This way, if bitcoin goes up and you sell to aquire extra funds, you can invest extra dividends of your earnings back into our program so we can develop as publcly cooperative project. Once the blockchain technology is developed for Liberty Economy, all equal voting procedures shall be facilitated, regardless of your money in the account. Holding a minimum small balance holds value in it's development and aquisition. Our digital currencies will facilitate a diret democracy of the future and they have tremendous potential from an crypto activists perpsective.

This along with bitcoin and ethereum mining have given us an advantage in our investment strategy for the coming year. Now we have enough money, this author, Nicolas R. Guillermo, can retire from my career as a petitioner and focus now on global, national and State activism with ballot propositions for the people.

Mining and investment programs in the Bitcoin universe create UBI.

  1. It’s Universal and, available to all people.
  2. It’s Basic, varying percentage calculated off of the price of bitcoin.
  3. It’s Income is a tradable currency on free market exchanges allowing you to accumulate Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies, even gold and precious metals which have a 6000 year history of raising in value, enough so that people like YOU who care about the world can retire and follow their passions.

It allows me, the creator of RIPAC, Liberty Economy and Crypto Petitioner to afford basic needs such as food, shelter, clothing and along with financial security for my son and wife. Now that I have basic needs met, I can focus full time on helping others as I was committed from the start when I filed RIPAC in the summer of 2013, and when I started blogging about direct democracy just after my first year working as a professional petition circulator. Now I work for myself and that means I work for you, to include you as being part of "we" the RIPAC community, who empower yourself with solutions to make real world changes faster than both volunteerism and citizens ballot mechanisms would ever do without each other. Since Volunteerism is the solution to all world problems, we are working to redefine political paradigms and contribute to world thought leadership by encouraging you to consider public petitioning for ballot proposals a form of Volunteerism.

Petitioning today can be a form of volunteerism when it's for minarchistic goals to reduce the hierarchical government power and authority over people's natural rights. which help all people because;

  1. It's Voluntary
  2. It's in accordance with the Non-Aggression Principle.
  3. As long as the ballot proposal provides solution.

We are not working to support individuals who do not have a vision and mission for the world, or who seek to achieve it by giving more power to the government to irrationally harm individuals who have not harmed others. To those who do find voluntarism solutions and objective policy by the people that rejects government abuse of power, we will welcome with great enthusiasm.

RIPAC promotes the Non-Aggression Principle (NAP) along with other voluntarist philosophies that improve the world, including positive psychology. Applying harmonious voluntarist strategies of ballot proposals allow an individual to have new outlook on the present moment, and power to make decisions that benefit the world as well as benefiting themselves. We are a "decentralized political action committee" working to establish adoption of decentralized goveranance with support of decentralized currency.

Along with the Non-Aggression Principle, RIPAC promotes a polarizing philosophy that encourages a more holistic balance, we call this the Golden Rule and the “Do Good Unto Others Principle. We encourage conscious capitalism. Our mission: to help you earn income and help you have time, the most precious commodity of all.

When you have time you can take care of yourself, but don’t abuse your privilage, use it for ethical purposes, to do good for the world.

Invest in startups, ICOs and IPOs for important world changing stock in companies with missions to improve the planet.

We aim to encourage you to share wealth back with RIPAC so we too can begin our mission to invest now in Liberty Economy, the most radical free market solution for fundraising, independent media and e-democracy.

This link shows you how to get Ethereum from one of our contractors, Coinbase, which you can use for fast access to Ethereum or Bitcoin to invest in your choice of HYIP program. The current mining contracts we use take traditional bank transfers and Visa/Mastercard payments.

Liberty Economy combined with RIPAC will provide us the technology and profits from investing therein, that will produce for us all of the recalls, referenda, initiatives and citizen grand jury proposals for the ballot that we need. The process of petitioning is public education, the ballot access is public education and it's also a pragmatic choice to oppose bad government policy, so why wait any longer.

We need to recognize the urgent situation we have regarding the closing window of opportunity to act before the government is so strong and tyrannical we won't be able to amend our broken Constitution yourself with you as planned. They are already taking away people's rights in State’s all over including Oregon, Colorado and Arizona.

Tare so many laws we need to get rid of and so many laws we need to make that restrict the government's abuse in power.

This has been done time and time again throughout history but now is the time to act while we have cryptographic technology.

Bitcoin is a currency that is here to stay, and so many other currencies will serve utility for generations to come I predict. This is not investment advice other than encouragement to look into it, we have and we are investing in the potential for radical greatness rather than settling for the legacy investing methods that may not even be credible in the years to come with cryptocurrency on the rise as it is.

UBI has been established for RIPAC. Thanks to investments into Bitcoin and Ethereum early on by RIPAC founder, this author, Nicolas R. Guillermo, we have now established a means of income that generates unto itself with careful risk analysis and price predictions.

Income has been established but it has to be spent on allowing me time to build RIPAC. Funding will be added for our first campaign into a join corporate account with investors in our first ballot initiative campaigns.

In truth, what is known as capitalism in mainstream culture, must be redefined as “crony capitalism” under the current context where our governments are built on the very foundation of control over the free market.

There is no free market, except in cryptographic assets and blockchain gold transferals. Which we will be promoting through this channel.

The free market gives security over property and assets. It allows us to accumulate wealth that must be directed to the public good per our creed as a decentralized organization.

Money by demand, printing press monopoly money, known as fiat, is a bubble. It has lost value since its inception. Our cryptographic assets are the future and they will be invested brining you direct democracy of the 21st century.

Mathematical money is not a balloon, it’s a rocketship, it will continue to grow until the billions of people and trillions of dollars of want for better money around Earth are invested.

We support sound and principled money, with limited supply, trade value, and permanence in longevity that will be around as long as there is internet. RIPAC will support the way for citizens access to decentralized fiber optics and protect free speech and free internet online if and when any threat by the government comes our way.

We will work to stop oppressive government regulations on Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) and cryptocurrency asset holders under the 9th and 10th Amendments in 2018, in the State of Arizona and as many other States we build partnerships in.

FIAT dollars are controlled and managed by the very government whose ideologies promote war and corporate imperialism, causing violence to others and using this to bolster the conditioned masses that this illusion of freedom is real and just.

Cryptocurrency is the people's free and moral alternative. It will help us be part of the growing world trend which itself bolsters its trading volume and inventive for more investors, and as we pay into it and let others go in, we can then cash out and receive handsome rewards to pay necessary services such as utilities and taxes. This is only until we don’t need utilities and taxes, we have decentralized renewable energy and decentralized community funding systems and free market solutions that replace government’s need in the first place.

We can’t switch to anarchy and nor do we want to, we merely want people’s consent to be convicted that decentralized lifestyles including having an open philosophy as a student of the world, decentralized currency, clean localized renewable energy, independent media and a true local direct-democracy for freedom.

In this essay I relate capitalism and socialism with peaceful and voluntary anarcho-democracy.

The concept that will make everyone rich saving the world stems from that of which could be considered a democritarian.

Being a Democratarian is all about consent, it’s all about freedom, it’s all about doing good to counter the government's bad, and doing good in general to be involved and create the world we want to see directly.

It’s not a Statist paradigm like Libertarianism, Socialism or any other “ism” in between. It’s about open public civil lifestyle in accordance with natural law of the universe. The result is that we can change the world for the better.

Cryptocurrency just happens to be part of the decentralized adoption.

We are proud to announce the development of Crypto Petitioner.

With Crypto Petitioner, anyone can have the opportunity to be a crypto ambassador for Cryptographic Direct Democracy in their State.

Learn to earn money in cryptocurrency and support ballot Initiatives, Referenda, Recall and Citizen Grand Jury in your State as applicable.

Decentralize Government with Decentralized Currency.

We start in the USA where we have access, then, our technology invested in Liberty Economy will provide tools for citizen's collaborative governance worldwide. We are already working with some big up and coming names in democratic cryptography. Follow us and all our social media for the decentralized effect of maintaining contact and updates, it's the only way for every other method has failed thus far and now is the time for the people to win!


Yes We Can have a “Swiss Bank account in our pocket.” - Barack Obama

  1. Develop UBI
  2. Have more time with your family and enjoy a lifestyle at leisure, pursuing your passions and working only on what you care about most.
  3. Support Local Referenda, Recall and Citizen Grand Jury in your State as applicable. We may also help support Nomination when YOU or someone you know can withstand the public ridicule, who is tough enough to stand up for the people against the rest of the scum most people call respectable politicians.
  4. Make a difference in the world, allowing people to vote with your community to stop corruption and make good change in our government because politicians are not.
  5. Promote volunteerism such as profitable crypto currency solutions in the process and earn income working to help others.


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This is seriously what the world needs. We keep having these great ideas people work on that stand alone and ends up being corrupted or fails. What we need is a holistic approach with hundreds of good ideas working together as one, that's how regenerative change will happen... Keep it up!


Thank you for the comments!