End child food poverty – no child should be going hungry petition - Country List for 22nd October 2020

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326,099 signatures

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End child food poverty – no child should be going hungry

Government should support vulnerable children & #endchildfoodpoverty by implementing 3 recommendations from the National Food Strategy to expand access to Free School Meals, provide meals & activities during holidays to stop holiday hunger & increase the value of and expand the Healthy Start scheme.

The Petition currently has 326,099 signatures. Previous: 325,743 signatures. Difference: 0,356 signatures.

The Petition is open to all UK Citizens even those who currently live and work outside the UK.

If you haven't signed the Petition then go to the petition page https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/554276

Government will respond

Government responds to all petitions that get more than 10,000 signatures.

At 100,000 signatures...

At 100,000 signatures, this petition will be considered for debate in Parliament.

1United Kingdom321,948351No Change
2France5691No Change
3United States3880No Change
4Spain3250No Change
5Australia2671No Change
6Ireland2530No Change
7Germany2450No Change
8Canada1540No Change
9Netherlands1530No Change
10Switzerland1111No Change
11Italy790No Change
12Sweden760No Change
13Jersey720No Change
14Nigeria710No Change
15Belgium691No Change
16New Zealand650No Change
17Argentina630No Change
18Brazil590No Change
19South Africa590No Change
20Isle of Man560No Change
21United Arab Emirates490No Change
22Norway450No Change
23Kenya440No Change
24Denmark430No Change
25Portugal400No Change
26India380No Change
27Ghana360No Change
28Mexico340No Change
29Greece320No Change
30Guernsey320No Change
31Hong Kong320No Change
32Austria310No Change
33Gibraltar310No Change
34Japan240No Change
35Cyprus220No Change
36Singapore220No Change
37Turkey210No Change
38Poland200No Change
39Chile150No Change
40Czechia150No Change
41Finland150No Change
42Malaysia150No Change
43Indonesia140No Change
44Saudi Arabia140No Change
45Malta130No Change
46Thailand120No Change
47Bulgaria110No Change
48Luxembourg110No Change
49Uganda110No Change
50China90No Change
51Colombia90No Change
52Kuwait90No Change
53Pakistan90No Change
54Vietnam90No Change
55Israel81Up 2
56Croatia70Down 1
57Ethiopia70Down 1
58Philippines70No Change
59Qatar70No Change
60Russia60No Change
61Ukraine60No Change
62Uruguay60No Change
63Zimbabwe60No Change
64Bermuda50No Change
65Hungary50No Change
66Iceland50No Change
67Jamaica50No Change
68Peru50No Change
69South Korea50No Change
70Tanzania50No Change
71Zambia50No Change
72Cambodia40No Change
73Cayman Islands40No Change
74Senegal40No Change
75Bahrain30No Change
76Costa Rica30No Change
77Jordan30No Change
78Malawi30No Change
79Morocco30No Change
80Romania30No Change
81Rwanda30No Change
82Slovakia30No Change
83Trinidad and Tobago30No Change
84Tuvalu30No Change
85Aruba20No Change
86Barbados20No Change
87Botswana20No Change
88British Antarctic Territory20No Change
89British Virgin Islands20No Change
90Ecuador20No Change
91Guadeloupe20No Change
92Guatemala20No Change
93Ivory Coast20No Change
94Kazakhstan20No Change
95Liberia20No Change
96Montenegro20No Change
97Myanmar20No Change
98Namibia20No Change
99Nepal20No Change
100Oman20No Change
101Panama20No Change
102Paraguay20No Change
103Serbia20No Change
104Slovenia20No Change
105Sri Lanka20No Change
106The Gambia20No Change
107Tunisia20No Change
108Turks and Caicos Islands20No Change
109Uzbekistan20No Change
110Vanuatu20No Change
111Vatican City20No Change
112Wallis and Futuna20No Change
113Western Sahara20No Change
114Afghanistan10No Change
115Antigua and Barbuda10No Change
116Bangladesh10No Change
117Bolivia10No Change
118Burkina Faso10No Change
119Burundi10No Change
120East Timor10No Change
121Egypt10No Change
122Estonia10No Change
123Falkland Islands10No Change
124Gabon10No Change
125Georgia10No Change
126Grenada10No Change
127Guyana10No Change
128Haiti10No Change
129Iran10No Change
130Laos10No Change
131Latvia10No Change
132Lebanon10No Change
133Lithuania10No Change
134Mali10No Change
135Mauritania10No Change
136Mauritius10No Change
137Mongolia10No Change
138Pitcairn Island10No Change
139San Marino10No Change
140Sierra Leone10No Change
141Sudan10No Change
142Syria10No Change
143Venezuela10No Change

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