Simply flowers. (Photos by sard@rt)

in petals •  2 months ago


I do not know the name of some of these flowers ... But I was struck by their simple and very photogenic shape. Color stains taken from my camera!
They all put themselves in pose with great professionalism ... Minimalist flowers that want to show off.
This post is for them.
I Use Nikon D 3200
Linea rossa.jpg
Linea rossa.jpg
Linea rossa.jpg


thanks for your time!
photo_2017-09-26_19-07-07  22.jpg

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simple and nice, go


many thanks

Good work again my friend!

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thanks a lot


No problem!

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Beautifully captured shots. Delicate light, sensual depth, beautiful colors and a well-thought-out frame. beautifull!!!


Many thanks for your kind word!

Did you find those into grassland? Simply beautiful though

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A beautiful flower

Wow..Beautiful flower photography. Fresh and natural. I liked it.

You got a 51.56% upvote from @ocdb courtesy of @sardrt!