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@sardart has started a new category called Petals! And today's theme is YellowFlowerDay. Since it has turned into a wintry storm day here in NJ and of course, nothing has sprung up yet (unless you've cut some YELLOW forsythia branches and brought them inside! hmmm...note to self...), so I have scoured some photos from years past. Admittedly the petals in this photo are not yellow...details details

Anyhoo, here is a photo (before I had knowledge about how to do the close-up magnifying shots) of one of the peonies from my garden called "Krinkle White".

The first year these bloomed in my garden, my husband looked out the window and said

"Honey! There are fried eggs in your garden!"

garden peony Krinkle White.jpg

Happy gardening everyone!


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"Honey, there's a fried egg in your garden!"

the last sentence as a cover is very crisp and crunchy.. Hahaha

Definitely! Seems like a sunny side out egg!

ah ah ah....fried eggs!!!

Wow it looks simply amazing thanks for sharing it dear nice way to start the weekend :D

Fried eggs in the garden naturally love it hahah :)

Wow it Looks Amazing.Thanks For Sharing.

Beautiful it looks and what a cool surprise to see them :)

I like posting like this, about life. A man who loves his ordinary flowers has a romantic nature

Love the fried eggs comment! Thank you for letting us know about the Petals tag. I will check it out and add to it too.


Thanks and You're welcome!



Upvote and following you ♥

how nice it looks nice beautiful to see that :)