Teddy licks you, it turns out that there are these benefits, don't dislike it anymore!

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There are many people who raise Teddy, and those who raise it will definitely find that Teddy really likes to lick people! And Teddy always licks you, it turns out that there are these benefits, after reading it, don't dislike it anymore!


Benefit one, make people feel happy

Has the pet owner discovered that once his own Teddy comes to lick him, he will always smile, even if he thinks that he dislikes Teddy's saliva, he will let Teddy lick himself?

In fact, this is because when Teddy licks you, it will stimulate the body to secrete dopamine and the hormone oxytocin, which makes people feel happy. At this time, your mood will also become happy and happy.


Benefit two, other dogs don’t attack you casually

After Teddy licks you, he will leave his scent on you. But the dog's sense of smell is very powerful, and the pet owner feels that there is no smell on his body, but when other dogs smell it, you will have a similar smell on your body.

And this smell can prevent most dogs from attacking you casually, so Teddy licks you, and the pet owner should not dislike it anymore.


Benefit three, make you healthier

Do many people think that Teddy’s licking his saliva is dirty? But in fact, the microorganisms in the dog's mouth are beneficial to the human body and can make people produce probiotics.

So when the pet owner licks you, don’t dislike him blindly, but when Teddy wants to lick you, it’s better to wash his mouth first, so it’s cleaner.


Benefit four, enhance the relationship

Teddy likes to lick you, why don't you dislike it? Because Teddy licks you can increase the relationship between you. Because the pet owner is at work most of the time, Teddy can get close to you only after getting off work. At this time, you don't refuse Teddy's licking is the best confession to him.

If you want Teddy to have a better relationship with you, you have to play with Teddy more often and get some snacks as a reward. We recommend "Non-greasy chicken around cod", using free-range chicken and cod as raw materials, high protein and easy to absorb, as well as a variety of nutrients, as well as deep-sea fish oil. Teddy can also be used for skincare.


Benefit five, express surrender to you

Dogs are highly hierarchical animals. In a group of dogs, as long as other dogs express their surrender to the leader, they will lick each other. So if Teddy likes to lick you, it means that he has surrendered to you.

And this kind of Teddy means that he has already regarded you as the boss. After that, he will accompany you all his life and regard you as the most important person.

Teddy licks you so many benefits, after reading it, will you not dislike it anymore? However, the pet owner needs to pay attention that Teddy sometimes licks you, which means that he is hungry and urgently needs food to fill his hunger. At this time, the pet owner needs to prepare dog food for Teddy.


The selection of Teddy's dog food is a very important relief. The most important thing is to choose one that can not only beautiful hair but also ensure nutrition. For example, this "non-greasy dog ​​food" has many advantages.

  1. It not only contains deep-sea fish oil ingredients, but also kelp powder, which can reduce the incidence of skin diseases, and can also beautiful hair and fix color;

  2. Select chicken, beef, and fish meat, with a meat content of more than 50%, and a variety of vegetable ingredients, with balanced nutrition;

  3. Announcement of raw materials and disclosure of test reports, so that consumers feel safe;

  4. The cost performance is also very high, ranging from 20-30 yuan per catty, and the quality is comparable to imported grains of 50-70 yuan.