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Hi, Manorvillemike, I finally talked to the cat rescuer woman I know about Scary Mary. Once a new cat has been completely vetted with blood-work for diseases, etc, she puts them in a large cage to acclimate them to the other cats. The cage has, of course food water and a litter box. Also, she makes sure there is a towel or sheet to cover an area to where the cat can retreat away from contact and scrutiny. Then, she lets time help with the integrating process. This works well in an easily observable area as talking to the cats will also help over time. An extra cover to add to this can also be added if everybody needs a break.


Thanks a lot @aerialpegasus Thought of the cage thing. Did that to introduce baby Dexter to Larry and Curly. To many cats 10 for Mary to handle at once. Gave a screen at basement door. Let mama cat and Dexter down the basement with Marty at separate times. Mary hisses at them and they hiss at her. Mary does not like cats.

Don't be discouraged by that - it took several tries to get my 4 year old and 6 month old to just cooperate. Perhaps the cage with Scary Mary inside, and one or two cats at a time meeting her in a "safe" enclosed bedroom would be a better option than all of them at once. If you have an office where you can work while they get acquainted, which can be closed off, it might be helpful. The woman I spoke to with all the cats only has one room for them to get acquainted in. You do have to be patient. All told, it took a couple of weeks for my 4-year-old to relax; the kitten was fine, but wary of him for awhile. They are completely fine now, and well adjusted. It just took time. My 12 year old accepted him immediately. They're all different. Scary Mary is defensive; she probably had to fight for survival I'm guessing?

Thanks ... letting 1 and then two cats in the basement for short times. Working so far, no fights.

Awesome! Glad to hear it!

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