Making a case for tokenizing people – Personal Tokens part I

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"Subjective experience of value is a key element of our economic and expressive freedom. Which means that, my desire to see something is valuable, that other people don’t see as valuable, and not accepting a common definition, what is or isn’t valuable or worth posting on the Blockchain, if I don’t have the freedom to have this subjective experience of value, I lose my freedom. " Andreas M. Antonopoulos

You might not see some token as valuable, but you can’t forbid anyone to think differently. Tokens build on the blockchains have some characteristics that inherently make them appear as money even when you deny that. With immutability, transferability, global access and scarcity tokens naturally become a mechanism for transferring values. What I’m trying to show here is that everyone can have their own personal token which might become valuable.

We create a value.

Without people, there would be no value, because value is a matter of perception. Going forward, there is nothing undeniably worthless we can think of. We attach value to everything. We are oracles which are constantly weighing whether something is more valuable than something else. Every day, we judge things, ideas and people for what they are worth – even unconsciously. The same thing in two different hands, two different locations or contexts might seems worthless or priceless. Value is so tricky that when we start to treat something as more valuable it becomes more valuable even for others – and this especially applies to ourselves. When you perceive yourself as less valuable than others, you become less valuable.

Nemo iudex in causa sua - no-one can be a judge in his own case

We are great at valuing everything, but we struggle to value ourselves. When we stand in front of the mirror we can’t determine how much we are worth, many of us even try to convince ourselves everyday that they are more valuable than they think. We often think we are priceless, but the truth is that there is nothing priceless, there are only things without a market for it - the market which can find the price. We are not priceless, we just don’t have a price. But the fact that you don’t know your price, doesn’t mean there is no price for you.

Price yourself.

This will sound harsh and you can disagree, but you are just a token. Token without a market. This fact alone engineered our current system we live in. We are being traded, counted, transferred, exchanged and divided – just like tokens. We have sold ourselves with no price to companies like Facebook and Google, to our jobs, our marriages, governments and other people etc. You might say, you haven’t sold yourself for free, but surely you have no idea if it wasn’t too cheap! You don’t know that and you will never know that for sure, unless there is a market for you. This fact alone should be enough for you to get tokenized, and build a market for yourself.

Having a market for people might sound surreal and unnatural, but it’s certainly honest. Everyday we are treaded as products without a price, this makes us feel special, but it also makes us slaves of those who know we are underpriced.
On you can easily become credible, tokenize yourself and start building your own market. We assume that everyone has a value and we are building tools and infrastructure for this market to become more efficient in finding your price. Go to and get tokenized!

In my next article I will describe ways one can build a market and value for his token.


Muszę przyznać, że wizja personalnych tokenów jest bardzo intrygująca. Jestem cholernie ciekaw, czy to "zasprzęgli". W każdym razie stanowi niesamowicie ciekawy temat do rozmyśleń, hipotez, a nawet predykcji. Pozdrawiam.

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