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These characteristics of personality types are not separated from each other by clear lines, and each individual can have different combinations. No matter which type of personality an individual has, his negative aspects are not invariant.

Personality ile ilgili görsel sonucu

If the person really wants, believes and is determined, he / she can get positive features that will get rid of the negative features and improve the quality of life.

Knowing one's own personality structure will help to determine how to act in the face of stressful situations. Even recognizing this is an important step for something to change.

This type of personality is a state of extreme patience and a harmonious pathological well-being in order not to hurt, break or cause problems. These people are a good person in the eyes of people, but being a good person does not mean to be healthy.

These people prefer to subjugate the difficulties they face by a few failures. Struggling to cope with cancer has a negative impact on the course of the disease. In addition, because they do not have the right to speak on their own lives, they are unlikely to be living and unhappy things they do not want.

Personality ile ilgili görsel sonucu

In these situations, it is a risk factor to suppress their emotional reactions rather than to express their feelings. In addition, because the upper self of the individuals with personality characteristics of the C type are engaged, they approach themselves ruthlessly and unintentionally, they make the greatest injustice to themselves, which increases the susceptibility to cancer.

When individuals with this type of personality are treated as well as others do not suppress their feelings, this will make their relationship healthier and reduce the risk of cancer.

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