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RE: Personal Finance 101 - Part 1 - Step on the Scale, Get Organized, Feel the Pain

some good info here.
managing your finances clearly requires more than what people think.
for me i don't even know how i can manage anything if it weren't for my education and experience in accounting (not much but enough to get by)..
at the end of the day i think it's simply about being reasonable (which requires a lot of planning and work).


Hi @roundbeargames, thanks for the comment. I'm sure having accounting experience is helpful in managing your own personal finance! Sadly many of my countrymen struggle with even the basics. Hopefully this will be helpful information for someone who finds it.

I see you're based in Korea, greetings from Thailand! @suitcasemama always talk about visiting someday :)

most koreans don't have the basics either! 😄
i talk about visiting thailand with my wife. who knows we'll have a chance to meet one day.

We should coordinate so we don't end up visiting the other country at the same time :)

Seriously though, let us know if you come through Bangkok, we've been here for years, very happy to help in any way we can!

sure thing man. bangkok is relatively close so it might actually happen!