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Help us Bring Personal Development to the Steem Blockchain!

in personaldevelopment •  10 months ago  (edited)

Thank you Joe, you are always an inspiration!!! I'd like to have time and resources" to follow you and learn more from you at your academy. Your videos are wow.. I love it. At the moment I'm recording underwater ;) Also I ve been doing some promo-steem at the same time. As soon is possible I love the idea to connect it with some videos record with a drone. Slowly and with work I'll get there. If you want to pass by my blog and maybe advice me with anything to improve will be great.

By the way this an example about what I do:

You are welcome in Canary Islands anytime you want to dive

P. D. Well I just found out that I can't play the video in dtube.. Don't know why. I give the link on YouTube

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Amazing video man! Looking forward to more of your content!

Thank you Joe, i just posted my last video, check it out ;)