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Sitting around waiting to hear from veterans affairs

Many of you are aware of the time spent waiting by U.S. veterans. I served 8 years of active duty service to country. I wouldn't say that being a veteran entitles me to special priveleges in life. As a civilian now for the past 25 years I have attempted to file claims for primary and secondary physical conditions.

Like the lady in the above picture as a veteran, you sit and wait. Like we used to say in the army, "hurry up and wait". This being on pins and needles waiting for a verdict can lead a person to all kinds of thoughts and bad intentions. We all are aware of the high-rate of suicide among veterans. And the numbers of young people taking their own lives seems to be getting worse.

I recently received notice of one of my open claims. I was able to receive and upgrade in percentage from one and denied on the other. A win is a win, no matter how small. The regional veterans affairs office took a really short time to come to a decision on my case.

Now if only they can finish with my existing appeal. I can simply wait and hope for a positive decision in my favor.

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