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Happy Mew Year Steem Fam!

I hope everyone had a super rested holiday - did you take one? I took about a month off of posting. I was around, secretly reading posts and chilling in a few discords, but I had to take some time off to realign my mind, and get my brain in order.

While I am loathe to say that I make New Year's Resolutions, I do enjoy taking this time to reflect on the year passed and make personal, work and health changes. It's amazing what a little perspective can do.

I think I will take PERSPECTIVE as my biggest lesson of 2018.

Step back, take a breath, reflect, make a decision, and move on.

Being on the blockchain is magical, like a digital diary. I found my Mew Year's post from this time last year, and while I may feel like I lost perspective somewhere towards the end of the year, looking back, I see that I did stick to my goals, and that 2018 was not as hardcore as it felt.

Looking back, and forward, I want to encourage myself, and yourselves too, when feeling down, to KEEP THE FAITH. I'm not one to push my faith onto others, but perhaps sharing my testimony for this year will encourage you to keep the faith.

My mom in law always says "Stress is the opposite of FAITH", and she is so right. Why stress? God has always got a plan for you, and when it feels like everything is going wrong, stick your head down, and push through.

I know God had my back every second of the year, but there were three times that it was so obvious that he was holding us up and above, that I want to share it with you.

    Remember how gutted @morkrock and I were when we realised we couldn't make it Steemfest, due to passport issues? God needed us to stay in SA - we lost a family member and we needed to be with our people.

    The last few months of the year were HECTIC. Since I earn commission, when my shop doesn't do well, I don't do well. But you know what? Through it all, we made it. We always had food to eat and a place to sleep, and at the end of the year my boss rewarded me with a very generous bonus. When I look back, I feel so silly to have stressed. WHY STRESS WHEN STRESS IS THE OPPOSITE OF FAITH?? 🌟

    We had planned to go away to a small seaside town for our holiday, but somehow ended up going somewhere completely different, with all our travel plans falling into place so seamlessly that God's hand was very evident.

When we returned from our holiday, we learnt that the very place we were meant to stay had been ravaged by huge fires!

So, I urge you to KEEP THE FAITH

In the midst of all then craziness, my advice to myself, and to you too, if you would like it, is to keep cool, think, and remember, your happiness, health and family are the most important things in this world, and no work or stress is worth these things.



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Happy new year and nice post


thank you to you!

Happy mew year for you too, little princess

I miss you!


thanks Julio x

Happy new year Princess. The last year was amazing and I hope this year would also be the nice one for all. Have a great time ahead.


Well said! Good luck for 2019!

I am so proud of my digital diary and i agree Gods with us


it is awesome, isn't it? If I ever want to tell someone about something I did, or somewhere I ate, I just google princessmewmew steemit granola or whatever, and it ops right up! Awesome right x


Yep and instead of explaining what i do online, And doing my steemit pitch, i show 3 blogs 😀

If we knew what was prepared for us - we would not be worried and there would be no stress ... and there was no movement forward. So, All goes to good. Happy New Year =)

Man, I'm so glad to see you back! Steemit is a much better place when you are posting on a regular basis.

I rely on my faith. I rarely make hard plans, more like I get to a place where I need to do something and it becomes mostly clear what that something is. Just happens all the time.

Thanks for an enlightening and uplifting post. Very much appreciated.


ah, glad to be back and see your face!

Clarity and perspective, I do believe are gifts given to us, to use, to make our own informed decisions.


Never ceases to amaze me how things unfold precisely as they should. Its going to be a great year!


I think so too! 💜


and to you!

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Wish you a great 2019!

I think I'm with you on gaining some perspective last year in my own life. May we use it to continue to move forward in 2019 and leave that pesky stress behind! :)

@princessmewmew HAHA I LOVE THE MEME - cat and Tik Tok reference 😂😂
Too cute 😂😂

And, thanks for the very inspirational post! When things are tough, we gotta just keep the faith. ❤️

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I do like that
Stress is the opposite of Faith
I didn't take a month off, but I didn't stress out trying to post everyday... :D
Wishing you a fab 2019 @princessmewmew